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Lawyer claims Britney Spearsmom Lynne orchestrated her split from Jason Alexander after Las Vegas marriage

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In January of 2004, Spears married Jason Alexander in a speedy ceremony in Las Vegas only to annul the whole thing roughly 55 hours later by way of a petition that claimed she "lacked understanding of her actions." H ...

Suid-Afrikaanse plundery 'georkestreer,’ minister van polisie sê

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Die plundering is "georkestreer", het Bheki Cele gesê, die land se polisieminister. "Is dit 'n staatsgreeppoging wat deur Jacob Zuma gekoppel is??" skree 'n opskrif in die Citizen-koerant. Oudpresident Jacob Zuma is verlede week tronk toe gestuur ...

Fact-check: Fox News and Republican lawmakers push new false flag conspiracy that FBI orchestrated US Capitol attack

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Washington Fox News, right-wing websites and Republican lawmakers are promoting a new false flag conspiracy that the FBI orchestrated the deadly assault on the US Capitol. The haywire theory originated from an arti...

Ellen DeGeneres claims workplace misconduct scandal felt ‘orchestrated’ and ‘misogynistic’

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The talk show host, 63, said Thursday on "VANDAG" that she felt the press coverage surrounding the accusations were "misogynistic" en "orchestrated." "I have to say, if nobody else is saying it, it was really interes...