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Sean Hannity: Lives and livelihoods ruined when law and order breaks down

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Reports revealed that the driver was Darrell Brooks, a career criminal in multiple states who was released on a $ 1,000 bail just days before the parade. Hannity attacked the left-wing "desfinanciar a la policía" mantra tha...

Adele wants you to listen to her album in order, and Spotify agrees

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When it comes to her art, Adele has a certain way she likes things to be done. The singer believes the tracks on an album should be listened to in their order of arrangement -- and now she's got streaming giant Spot...

Biden to sign order to address ‘epidemicof missing, murdered Native Americans at White House summit

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President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order Monday directing federal agencies, including the departments of Justice, Interior and Homeland Security, to create a strategy addressing what the administra...

Carole Baskin’s restraining order against Netflix over ‘Tiger King 2’ denied

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A Florida judge has denied the 60-year-old’s motion for a temporary restraining order that would block Netflix and Royal Goode Productions from featuring footage of her, husband Howard Baskin and their Big Cat Rescue...

Canadian man pleads guilty to making up a dozen fake children in order to claim government benefits

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Guerly Estimé, of Montréal, was found to have received up to $ 144,821 (aproximadamente $ 116,000 USD) by claiming fraudulent Canada child benefits for a dozen fake children between 2007 y 2018, according to an investiga...

Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi testifies in court but a gag order prevents her defense from being made public

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Myanmar's ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi testified in court on Tuesday for the first time since she was overthrown in a military coup. Her courtroom testimony in the capital Naypyidaw, sin embargo, was not pub...

How to order a Chucky-inspired Frappuccino at Starbucks this Halloween

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Holly Walker, a writer for the blog Totally the Bomb, created two "Starbucks Secret Menu" items based on Chucky, desde el 1988 película "Child’s Play," and Tiffany, the doll from the 1998 película "Bride of Chucky." HORROR M...

enero 6 defendant spoke at far-right rally attended by Proud Boys, despite court order against associating with the group

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An Arizona political commentator charged in the US Capitol riot spoke at a small right-wing rally in Phoenix last month that was attended by over a dozen Proud Boys, even though a federal judge had ordered him not t...

Arizona busca una orden de restricción temporal para detener el mandato de la vacuna Biden

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"Una vez que se ha administrado una vacuna, nunca se puede deshacer," El fiscal general Mark Brnovich dijo en un comunicado anunciando la medida. "El mandato de la vacuna COVID-19 es una de las mayores infracciones a las personas..

Stuart Scheller attorney: Marine still under dubious gag order despite brig release, rips ‘punitivegenerals

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Scheller has yet to be formally charged, but spent a week in confinement inside Camp Lejeune, where he previously was an infantry battalion commander at the sprawling base near North Carolina's Bogue Banks seashore. ...

Calif. judge denies restraining order request against school mask mandate

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Let Them Breathe and Reopen California Schools sued the state of California in July, alleging that its school mask mandate is harmful to students and not rooted in science. El jueves, San Diego Superior Court Judge...

Most students in a Tennessee school district must wear masks starting Monday following a court order

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los 60,000 students attending classes in an eastern Tennessee county will be required to wear face masks indoors and on school buses starting Monday following a court order. El viernes, US District Judge J. Ronnie ...

Why authors and booksellers want you to order your holiday gifts now

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In the last year, the supply chain has become less of a chain, and more of a fraying thread. Almost every industry has experienced issues, and even some of the world's biggest companies have not been immune -- con ...

Biden signs executive order adding measles to list of quarantinable diseases after outbreak among US-bound Afghan refugees

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President Joe Biden on Friday signed an executive order adding measles to the list of quarantinable diseases roughly one week after several Afghan refugees who had recently arrived in the US tested positive for the ...

Federal judge issues temporary order allowing Iowa schools to mandate masks

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Des Moines Public Schools officials will reinstate the district's mask mandate Wednesday following a ruling that places the state's mandate ban on hold. US District Court Judge Robert W. Pratt issued a temporary re...

Bret Baier: ¿Qué haría Ulises S. Grant hacer? La primera "orden ejecutiva’ presidente sobre las consecuencias de la extralimitación

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Después de todo, en su día Grant había sido el maestro de las órdenes ejecutivas, emitiendo 217 — un récord. Los primeros presidentes hicieron poco uso de ellos — Jefferson, Madison y Monroe emitieron uno cada uno, e incluso Lincoln solo alcanzó 48. Sin embargo, yo ....

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