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Trump’s law and order campaign isn’t working

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Encuesta de la semana: A new CNN/SSRS poll has former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by a 51% a 43% margen. That 8-point margin matches a Grinnell College/Selzer & Co. poll published this w...

Ten state AGs sue Biden admin for ‘social cost of carbon’ executive order

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The lawsuit was announced on Friday, with the group calling the president’s executive order on tackling climate change "an act of executive overreach that will kill thousands of jobs throughout the country threatens ...

Gobernador de Texas. Abbott responde después de que un juez federal bloqueara una orden ejecutiva sobre los vehículos de migrantes

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"La orden reciente del Tribunal es temporal y se basa en pruebas limitadas," la declaración decía. "Esperamos poder brindarle al Tribunal las pruebas que respalden la Orden Ejecutiva del Gobernador para proteger a los tejanos." "los ...

Sean Hannity: Lives and livelihoods ruined when law and order breaks down

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Reports revealed that the driver was Darrell Brooks, a career criminal in multiple states who was released on a $ 1,000 bail just days before the parade. Hannity attacked the left-wing "desfinanciar a la policía" mantra tha...

Supreme Court temporarily blocks order requiring Navy to deploy unvaccinated forces

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The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to temporarily freeze a lower-court opinion requiring the Navy to deploy special operations forces even though they have refused to get vaccinated for Covid-19. The court's order...

El Correo de Washington: White House Budget office moving to reclassify key roles under Trump executive order

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Following an executive order President Donald Trump signed last month, the Office of Management and Budget is moving to reclassify 88% of its workforce into a new job classification that would give the federal gover...

La orden del hogar de ancianos de Cuomo causó más muertes, debería haberse revertido antes: grupo de trabajo

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El informe de 242 páginas del Grupo de Trabajo de la NYSBA sobre Hogares de Ancianos y Atención a Largo Plazo también critica a Cuomo por no revertir la situación del Departamento de Salud. "irrazonable" mandato antes que él, diciendo que se mantuvo vigente ....

Two Florida counties double down on school mask mandates, defying governor’s order

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Florida's Broward and Alachua counties are not backing down on mask mandates in schools, despite Gov. Ron DeSantis' order that the mandates must allow parents to decide whether their children will wear a face coveri...

La Casa Blanca dice 380 Se han adquirido millones de un pedido inicial de 500 millones de pruebas COVID-18

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"Ahora estamos en el punto en el que hemos adquirido alrededor 380 millones de estas pruebas," Psaki dijo durante la rueda de prensa del jueves. "Sentimos que estamos haciendo un progreso muy fuerte." La secretaria de prensa de la Casa Blanca, Jen P...

Ex-Seattle safety Earl Thomas arrested over protective order

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Dallas television station WFAA reported Thomas was arrested Friday in Orange, Texas, where he played high school football. The station reported the three-time All-Pro was recognized at a restaurant. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA MO ...

Gobernador de Texas. Abbott takes aim at ‘vaccine passports,’ issues order restricting state agencies

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Republicans have largely condemned "vaccine passports," or documentation affirming that a person has received the COVID-19 vaccine, in order to participate in certain public activities -- an idea that some states hav...

Trump supporter ignoring judge’s order to remove anti-Biden signs from yard

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"It’s my First Amendment right, and I’m going to stick with that," Andrea Dick, a New Jersey Trump supporter, told the New York Times on Tuesday. NOEM SAYS SHE’S ‘COUNTING’ ON TRUMP RUNNING AGAIN IN 2024 Dick, 54, w ...

Calif. judge denies restraining order request against school mask mandate

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Let Them Breathe and Reopen California Schools sued the state of California in July, alleging that its school mask mandate is harmful to students and not rooted in science. El jueves, San Diego Superior Court Judge...

Un tono más blanco de pálido

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Un tono más blanco de pálido, Un tono más blanco de pálido, Un tono más blanco de pálido 200 Un tono más blanco de pálido. Un tono más blanco de pálido.

Local GOP official says Trump should follow North Carolina mask order

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Washington President Donald Trump makes his third visit to North Carolina in as many weeks on Tuesday as he pushes a new end-in-sight message on coronavirus. Whether the situation on the ground there helps him is an ...

Oregon small business owner slams governor’s new shutdown order: ‘Against our constitutional rights

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JEN JACOBSON: She doesn't have the authority. It goes against our constitutional rights. I'm essential. I'm a mom. I'm providing for my family. I don't know why there's a target on small businesses and restaurants w...

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