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Deshaun Watson’s attorney speaks out after Texas judges order accusers to identify themselves

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Hardin says that of the 22 civil cases alleging sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions with the Houston Texans quarterback, 13 of them were ordered to identify themselves. MORE DESHAUN WATSON ACCUSERS MUS...

Gobernador de Florida. Ron DeSantis signs order clearing restaurants and bars to fully open

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Gobernador de Florida, Ron DeSantis (R) announced that he has signed an order moving Florida into Phase 3 of re-opening at a press conference today. DeSantis emphasized the impact the move will have on restaurants and ba...

Massachusetts governor targets social gatherings in new stay-home order amid a surge in Covid-19 cases

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Massachusetts just became the latest state to reinstate some stay-at-home restrictions, as cases of Covid-19 continue to surge in states across the country. After the state reported 1,139 new coronavirus cases -- br ...

Fire at West Virginia chemical plant prompts 2-mile radius shelter-in-place order and school closures

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A fire at a chemical plant in Belle, Virginia del Oeste, prompted a 2-mile radius shelter-in-place order, a county official told CNN. The fire has left at least two people hurt, Kanawha County Commission President Kent ...

Rock legend John Fogerty issues President Trump a cease-and-desist order from playing his song

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John Fogerty has directed President Donald Trump to stop using his song "Fortunate Son," by issuing him a cease-and-desist order. The founder of the rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival posted his directive in a s...

US military anticipates Trump will issue order to plan for further troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq

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US military commanders are anticipating that a formal order will be given by President Donald Trump as soon as this week to begin a further withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq before Trump leaves offic...

Two Florida counties double down on school mask mandates, defying governor’s order

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Florida's Broward and Alachua counties are not backing down on mask mandates in schools, despite Gov. Ron DeSantis' order that the mandates must allow parents to decide whether their children will wear a face coveri...

Trump’s law and order campaign isn’t working

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Encuesta de la semana: A new CNN/SSRS poll has former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by a 51% a 43% margen. That 8-point margin matches a Grinnell College/Selzer & Co. poll published this w...

What Trump could learn from the fall of France’s own fiery ‘law and order’ presidente

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Americans are on the eve of a momentous political choice this November. But for a jump on how the story goes from here, consider what happened in France, where another "back to normal" candidate challenged a firebra...

Trump to sign order aimed at prioritizing Covid-19 vaccine shipment to Americans

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President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday aimed at prioritizing the shipment of the coronavirus vaccine to Americans before other nations, according to senior administration officials....

'Ley & La estrella de Order, Mariska Hargitay, responde a una niña, 11, que se defendió del secuestrador con información de "SVU"

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Identificada solo por su nombre, Alyssa resistió al sospechoso que saltó de un vehículo blanco y trató de secuestrarla a punta de cuchillo mientras jugaba con ella. "limo azul" en una mediana cubierta de hierba que se doblaba como una calle de autobuses..

Several sheriffs in upstate New York say they will ignore Gov. Cuomo’s order to limit Thanksgiving guests

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Less than a week after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo instilled an executive order limiting the number of people at Thanksgiving gatherings, several upstate sheriffs say they plan to ignore it. Cuomo's order limits the ...

Local GOP official says Trump should follow North Carolina mask order

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Washington President Donald Trump makes his third visit to North Carolina in as many weeks on Tuesday as he pushes a new end-in-sight message on coronavirus. Whether the situation on the ground there helps him is an ...

El Correo de Washington: White House Budget office moving to reclassify key roles under Trump executive order

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Following an executive order President Donald Trump signed last month, the Office of Management and Budget is moving to reclassify 88% of its workforce into a new job classification that would give the federal gover...

Chemical fire in Illinois prompts authorities to order evacuations

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Authorities in have ordered people near an industrial fire in Illinois to evacuate on Monday. The fire broke out in Chemtool Inc., in Rockton, a city about 15 miles north of Rockford near the Illinois and Wisconsin ...

Se emitió una orden de no nadar en una playa de Cape Cod después de que se avistara un gran tiburón blanco

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Se emitió una orden temporal de no nadar en una playa en Provincetown, Massachusetts, después de que un gran tiburón blanco fuera visto cerca. Los socorristas ordenaron a los bañistas en Race Point Beach que salieran del agua. 11:...

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