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‘America’s Most Wantedprofiles Oregon arson fugitive tied to domestic-terrorist group

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Josephine Sunshine Overaker is a wanted woman after starting fires and committing other crimes in the late 1990s and early 2000s as part of her work with the eco-terrorism organization known as "The Family." Special...

‘BlatantOregon shoplifters walk out of Lowe’s with full carts: ‘Don’t do this

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"It was so blatant, that’s what riled me up," Keizer, Oregón, resident Andrew Sullivan, who filmed the incident, told the Keizer Times. "They were just strolling through the parking lot, just riding the carts." los ...

"Gutfeld!’ sobre la renuncia de Cuomo, Oregon eliminando los requisitos de educación

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(COMENZAR EL VIDEO CLIP)SU. BOOKER CORY (D-NJ): There's some people who have said that they're members of this deliberative body that want to defund the police to my horror. Pero todos nosotros 100 people not walked but sashay ...

entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz’ entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz

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entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz, 71, entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz 2018, entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz, mostrar documentos judiciales. entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz.

100-pound tropical fish discovered on a beach in Oregon

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A large colorful fish washed ashore on the Oregon coast last week in what aquarium officials called a rare occurrence. The 100-pound opah fish, also known as a moonfish, was discovered on Sunset Beach in Seaside, a ...

1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah-Jones paid by Oregon Education Department with funds diverted from needy kids

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"We used resources from Every Day Matters, focused on chronic absenteeism," a state official told the activist group Oregonians for Liberty in Education in response to a public records request. According to Every Da...

2 men and 4 women were shot — incluso 1 fatalmente — in Portland, Oregón. Now police ask the public for help

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A woman was killed and five others were injured in a shooting Saturday night in Portland, Oregón, the Portland Police Bureau said. Officers responded to a shooting call near Northeast 55th Avenue and Hassalo Street...

2 people were arrested after violent clashes between Trump supporters and counter-protesters in Oregon

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Two people were arrested following violent clashes between President Trump supporters and counter-protesters in Salem, the Oregon State Police said in a news release. The incident took place Monday afternoon at an ...

3 people arrested in Oregon accused of setting up illegal roadblocks near wildfire evacuation zones

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Three people in Multnomah County, Oregón, are accused of setting up an illegal roadblock north of the Riverside Fire evacuation zone this week. The Sheriff's Office says Joshua Smith, Travis Lucky and Michael Meier ...

6 injured after shooting at concert venue in Oregon

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Six people were taken to a hospital after shots were fired at a concert venue in Eugene, Oregón, police said in a tweet. "Reports came in at 9:29 pm. of multiple shots fired at WOW Hall, 219 W. 8th Avenue. EPD &...

8 people wounded in downtown Portland, Oregón, tiroteo

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Eight people were shot in downtown Portland, Oregón, early Saturday, according to the Portland Police Bureau. The shooting victims were taken by ambulance to a hospital, where at least one of them was being treated ...

A boy sent his Baby Yoda doll to Oregon firefighters. Now they take it on their calls

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When 5-year-old Carver learned about the wildfires ravaging his home state of Oregon, he told his grandmother Sasha Tinning he wanted to do something to help the heroes on the front lines. Asi que, when Tinning heard ab...

A man fatally shot a teenager in Oregon for playing loud music Thanksgiving week

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A man in Oregon fatally shot a teenager Thanksgiving week after getting upset that the 19-year-old was playing music loudly in the parking lot of an inn that the two were staying at, la policía dijo. Robert Paul Keegan,...

A person who went to work while sick is likely the cause of two separate Covid-19 outbreaks in Oregon

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Officials in Oregon say a "superspreader action" is likely behind two recent Covid-19 outbreaks in the state. The action in question: A person knowingly went to work while sick and later tested positive for the viru...

Un empleado de una escuela en Oregon ha sido puesto de licencia después de presentarse a trabajar en negro, los funcionarios dicen

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Una junta escolar en Oregon está celebrando una reunión especial pocos días después de que un empleado de la escuela fuera puesto en licencia administrativa después de ir a trabajar en negro., los funcionarios dijeron. El racismo y las tensiones raciales han b ...

Una escultura del explorador negro esclavizado que estaba en la expedición de Lewis y Clark fue colocada misteriosamente en un parque de Oregon.

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Un busto del explorador esclavizado que acompañaba a Lewis y Clark fue puesto misteriosamente en un Portland., Oregón, parque el mes pasado. Semanas después, el artista aún no se ha presentado formalmente -- pero el trabajo ha provocado un c ...

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