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No. 2 Stanford women rally to beat Oregon

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Haley Jones scored 18 points and the second-ranked Cardinal rallied in the fourth quarter to remain undefeated in the conference with a 66-62 victory Sunday over Oregon. Jones made a layup while falling to the ground...

Biden backs Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader in first midterms endorsement

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"We don’t always agree, but when it has mattered most, Kurt has been there for me," Biden said in a statement released by the Schrader campaign. "And in doing so, he has helped to pass much of my agenda into law—maki...

Biden wades into the midterms by endorsing Oregon Democratic congressman facing progressive challenger

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President Joe Biden has issued his first endorsement of the 2022 campaign cycle and backed incumbent Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon, who is facing a progressive primary challenger supported by some high-profile libera...

Oregon Democrats silent on Molotov cocktail break-in attempt at Oregon pro-life office

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Oregon’s Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, Su. Jeff Merkley and Sen. Ron Wyden all declined to respond to multiple requests for comment via phone and email from Fox News Digital regarding the firebomb attack on Sunday eve...

Oregon man wins $8.9 million from forgotten lottery ticket he bought on Christmas

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Nearly three months after buying a Megabucks lottery ticket and quickly forgetting about it, an Oregon man is a multimillionaire. Wilbur Brown was at the Moose Lodge in Springfield, Oregón, En noche buena, when a ...

locura de Marzo 2022: Belmont women knock off Oregon in double OT

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They found a way to top that. Destinee Wells knocked down a pair of free throws with 1:02 left in double overtime, and Belmont knocked off No. 5 seed Oregon 73-70 Saturday for the Bruins' second straight win as a 12 ...

Niña de 13 años desaparecida en Oregón encontrada muerta bajo "sospechoso"’ circunstancias, la policía dice

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Los oficiales respondieron justo antes 3 p.m. al parque lineal Westside en Beaverton, donde se encontró el cuerpo de Milana Li en un pequeño arroyo cerca de Westside Trail, La policía de Beaverton dijo. BUSCA UNIVERSIDAD PERDIDA DE ...

Oregon will stop enforcing residency requirement in state’s Death with Dignity Act

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After an Oregon physician filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the residency requirement in Oregon's Death with Dignity Act, the ​state, along with the Oregon Medical Board and the Oregon Health Auth...

Nick Kristof cannot run for governor in Oregon, state Supreme Court says

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Washington, DC The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday said Nick Kristof cannot run for governor because he does not meet residency requirements in the state, a decision that the former New York Times journalist said he...

Shots fired near Oregon shopping mall

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The Salem Police Department advised people to avoid the downtown area near the Salem Center mall after reports of shots fired around 2:15 pm. Authorities were re-routing traffic from the area. Local reports said pol...

entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz’ entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz

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entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz, 71, entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz 2018, entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz, mostrar documentos judiciales. entonces sé dónde está y sé que está en paz.

Portland, Oregón, woke up to a rare, record-breaking April snow

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The residents of Portland, Oregón, woke up to a rare April sight on Monday: a blanket of fresh, white snow. It was the city's first measurable snow in April since record keeping began more than 80 hace años que, acuerdos ...

Chevez Goodwin, No. 5 USC rally in 2nd half to beat Oregon State

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USC struggled early against Oregon State on Thursday night but was able to rally in the second half for an 81-71 victoria. "We haven't had a lot of practice time and I think that has hurt us, but there's no excuses. W ...

Oregon Gov. blasts Texas push to investigate child transgender surgeries, vows to protect LGBTQ2SIA+ kids

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"Gobernador de Texas. Greg Abbott’s decision to remove trans kids from loving parents is especially cruel," Brown said in a Twitter video posted on Thursday. "This policy is another iteration of a long and painful history of d...

Hija insta al gobernador de Oregón a no conceder clemencia al asesino de su padre: 'No entiendo por qué’

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sara olson, quien fue 19 cuando su padre Dale Rost III fue encontrado muerto a tiros en su casa en 2005, dijo "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" jueves gobernador. marrón es "considerando seriamente" conceder clemencia a uno de los dos sospechosos ser...

Oregon crews find 1 climber dead and another seriously injured after avalanches delay rescue mission

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One person died and another was injured after suffering a steep fall on Oregon's Mount Hood, where deep snow and avalanche conditions hindered the two-day rescue effort, los funcionarios dijeron. The climbers fell about 200 ...

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