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Ugandan LGBTQ organization calls government shutdown of its operations a ‘clear witch-hunt

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Uganda's government shut down operations of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), a non-governmental organization for LGBTQ rights, accusing it of operating illegally in the country, according to a statement from the gov...

Arizona AG candidate vows to declare cartels a terrorist organization as border crossings shatter record

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The Trump-endorsed candidate, a former Army intelligence officer, Iscritto "Volpe & Amici" Tuesday to discuss his efforts to combat the "e apprezza e rispetta le opinioni di ciascun membro della forza lavoro CBP" crossings happening on a daily basis from "150 paesi" e ...

Read the opinion: Dobbsv. Jackson Women's Health Organization

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The Supreme Court on Friday ruled on Dobbs v. Organizzazione per la salute delle donne di Jackson, a case centered on a Mississippi law that bars most abortions after 15 settimane di gravidanza, a standard that violates Roe v. Guadare. re...

La Corte Suprema di New York respinge il tentativo dell'NRA di fermare le indagini del procuratore generale sull'organizzazione

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Un giudice di New York venerdì ha respinto un tentativo della National Rifle Association di porre fine a un'indagine sull'organizzazione da parte del principale procuratore dello stato. Il giudice della Corte Suprema dello Stato Joel Cohen ha respinto il conte dell'NRA ...

Former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg beefs up defense team ahead of criminal tax trial

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Former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg has added a new white-collar defense attorney to his legal team ahead of his criminal tax trial expected this fall. Nicholas Gravante, an experienc...

It is up to us, not the streets, to teach our boys about ‘gun etiquette’: Youth organization founder

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KING RANDALL: We at "X" for Boys are going to teach them how to use firearms properly and how to teach them gun etiquette. I think that's extremely important for our communities. We have to be proactive and not react...

Orsi’ Justin Fields optimistic for 2nd season, ready to revamp culture in organization

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Fields told Fox News Digital in a recent interview he is ready to get started under new head coach Matt Eberflaus and the handful of new players Chicago acquired. He said the team is looking to revamp its culture. ...

MLB postpones Guardians-White Sox game due to positive Covid-19 tests in Cleveland organization

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Due to multiple positive Covid-19 tests within the Guardians organization, Wednesday afternoon's game between Cleveland and the Chicago White Sox has been postponed, Major League Baseball officials announced. It i...

Ufficio dell'organizzazione anti-aborto nel Wisconsin preso di mira in un incendio doloso, dice la polizia

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L'ufficio di un'organizzazione politica conservatrice che fa pressioni contro il diritto all'aborto è stato vandalizzato e danneggiato da un incendio domenica mattina a Madison, Wisconsin, in ciò che la polizia sta indagando come incendio doloso. L'abete ...

Daniel Kinahan: Alleged head of ‘murderous organizationwith links to boxing targeted by US government

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The US Department of State is offering rewards of up to $ 5 million for information leading to each of the arrests of three Irish "transnational organized criminals," notably Daniel Kinahan, who has wielded signifi...

Ukraine crisis: Communism victims organization calls Russia’s invasion ‘illegaland ‘a wake-up call

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has emphasized how he wants to "denazify" Ucraina, despite the fact that Ukraine helped Russia fight Nazi Germany in World War II and its current president, Volodyomyr,Molte interviste televisive sono con ucraini che stanno ottenendo un ampio seguito sui social media, is a...

Two prosecutors working on Manhattan DA’s Trump Organization probe resign

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Washington Two top prosecutors working on the Manhattan district attorney's criminal investigation into the Trump Organization resigned Wednesday, leaving the years-old probe without two key players as it appeared to...

giorni in isolamento fino all'intervento di un giudice federale

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giorni in isolamento fino all'intervento di un giudice federale, l'ex direttore finanziario della Trump Organization, l'ex direttore finanziario della Trump Organization, l'ex direttore finanziario della Trump Organization.

Alcuni hanno anche nominato membri del ..

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Washington L'ex direttore finanziario della Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg sarà interrogato dagli avvocati di Washington, DC, Washington L'ex direttore finanziario della Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg sarà interrogato dagli avvocati di Washington, Washington L'ex direttore finanziario della Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg sarà interrogato dagli avvocati di Washington ...

The organization behind Black History Month makes health & wellness a top priority for 2022. Here are ways to get started

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Quest'anno, the theme of Black History Month is African American health and wellness. That's according to the group that helped found Black History Month, The Association for the Study of African American Life and Hi...

Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump citata in giudizio dal procuratore generale di New York nell'indagine sulla Trump Organization

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L'ufficio del procuratore generale di New York (OAG) citazioni di recente emesse a Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump e Donald Trump Jr. per testimonianze e documenti "in connessione con un'indagine sulla valutazione di prop...