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Eartha Kitt se dogter sê 'Batman' was 'n moedige moeder ten spyte van Hollywood-roem: ‘Ons het mekaar aanbid’

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Die legendariese sanger, aktrise en danser, wat haar weg in suiwer sterre ingespoel het, oorlede op Kersdag in 2008 op ouderdom 81 van kolonkanker. Haar loopbaan het oor ses dekades gestrek en die ontslape ster word steeds gevier as ...

Family of ‘other womanin Jennifer Dulos missing person case claims ‘injusticein new statement

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The statement came on the two-year anniversary of Dulos’ disappearance. The 50-year-old mom of five was last seen arriving at her New Canaan home on May 24, 2019. This undated photo provided by the New Cana...

L.A. County Sheriff calls for Americans, police to ‘focus on interacting respectfully with each other

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VILLANUEVA: It is becoming all too common now, and this is a reality that our deputies face on the streets, and it's not so much that people with the bullhorn screaming at the top of their lungs it's the politicians ...

Black or ‘Other’? Doctors may be relying on race to make decisions about your health

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CNN's "Geskiedenis herfokus" series features surprising and personal stories from America's past to bring depth to conflicts still raging today. When she first learned about race correction, Naomi Nkinsi was one of fiv...

Greg Gutfeld: The mainstream media want Americans to hate each other. Don’t play their game

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NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC, APRIL 6: I think if someone were to parachute down here and wonder what the most, sort of destructive force on our planet is, and they landed in this country, they might look at the Republican...