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Illinois WeatherTech warehouse shooting kills 1, beseer 2 ander

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Captain Anthony Columbus said that Bolingbrook Police Department officers were dispatched to 1 WeatherTech Way at 6:25 am. CDT for the report of a subject shot. The suspect was taken into custody around three hours...

One killed, two others shot at Illinois WeatherTech facility

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A suspect is in custody following a deadly shooting at a WeatherTech facility in Bolingbrook, Illinois, op Saterdagoggend, according to the Bolingbrook Police Department. One person was killed, while another shoot...

Nancy Mace calls for hearing investigating attacks on crisis pregnancy centers by ‘Jane’s Revenge,’ ander

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Mace, who serves as the ranking member on the House Oversight Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, wrote a letter to Chairman Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., Woensdag. The congresswoman states that the subcom...

Man who killed one, injured others in Orange County church shooting has hate crime enhancements added to charges

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A man who killed one person and injured five others during a shooting at a church in Orange County, Kalifornië, has had hate crime enhancements added to his charges, the Orange County District Attorney's Office anno...

1 person is dead and 2 others are wounded after a shooting at church near Birmingham

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One person was killed Thursday in a shooting at a church in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, polisie gesê. "It has been reported to us that three people were shot during the incident inside of the church," said Capt...

Thompson’s claim that Jan. 6 committee won’t criminally refer Trump or others to DOJ meets resistance from committee

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Die voorsitter van die gekose komitee van die Huis ondersoek die Januarie 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol told reporters Monday that the panel will not make any criminal referral of former President Donald Trump or any...

2 people are dead and 4 others wounded after a shooting at a nightclub in Gary, Indiana

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Two people are dead and four are injured, with one in critical condition, after a shooting at a nightclub early Sunday morning in Gary, Indiana, volgens die polisie. A 34-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were th...

Ds. Franklin Graham reached over 68,000 Christians and others in Brazil this weekend

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Die gebeurtenis "filled Copacabana Beach with music and hope nearly 48 years after Billy Graham’s remarkable visit to Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in 1974," the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association reported to Fox N...

Missouri inmate who escaped with 2 others through hole in jail cell ceiling caught in Wyoming: balju

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Christopher Blevins, 37, was taken into custody near Casper, Wyoming, meer as 900 miles away from where he broke out of the Barry County Jail in Missouri with inmates Lance Stephens and Matthew Crawford on Friday, ...

A South Carolina graduation party shooting left 1 dood en 7 ander, including minors, gewond

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One person is dead and seven others are wounded after a shooting at a graduation party in Clarendon County, Suid Carolina, the sheriff's office there said. "Ten minste 60-70 rondes" were fired after two cars approac...

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee: Why it’s personal for this American and so many others

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The queen’s Platinum Jubilee has received huge coverage in U.S. print and broadcast outlets during the last few weeks. Why is there so much American interest in a foreign, nonagenarian great-grandmother, when we reje...

With formula in short supply, moms are pumping breastmilk to help others

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Elke dag, Hillary Demmon has been reading the news about the nationwide formula shortage with horror. "It's just such a nightmare scenario to think about," said Demmon, who has a 1-year-old and who works at the Uni...

Argument at Memorial Day festival leads to one person fatally shot, seven others injured

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One person is dead and seven are wounded, including two juveniles, after a shooting early Sunday at an outdoor Memorial Day festival in Taft, Oklahoma, amptenare gesê. The shooting took place shortly after midnight ...

Gevegsveteraan en sy vrou help ander om PTSV te beveg - en vind genesing en hoop

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Saterig, wat in Indiana grootgeword het, gedien in die V.S. Weermag vir 25 jare - 20 van diegene in die mees elite en geheimsinnigste spesiale operasies-eenheid. Hy het honderde sendings gelei, en op sy beurt, het baie toekennings gewen - insluitend 5 B..

Georgia voting shattering turnout records after MSNBC, CNN, others ran with ‘Jim Crow’ beskuldigings

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Laas jaar, President Biden called the law, known as SB 202, a "blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience," ascribed it as "Jim Crow in the 21st century" and was supportive of Major League Baseball moving...

One dead after finishing Brooklyn Half Marathon and 15 ander beseer

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A 32-year-old runner died Saturday after finishing a half marathon in Brooklyn where 15 others were injured, police and fire officials said. An official cause and manner of death should be released in the coming day...

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