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She was diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Now she is helping others work through theirs

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Lagos, Nigeria In February of 2016, Hauwa Ojeifo considered taking her own life. She had spent a significant part of her teenage and early adult life years battling symptoms such as mood swings, bouts of exhaustion, ...

Columbus shooting: Others involved in confrontation that led to teen’s death were all adults

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Bryant was in foster care with Franklin County Children Services. She had been living at the foster home that was the scene of the shooting since Feb. 14 di quest'anno, secondo il New York Times. Surveillance ...

Il golfista professionista Gene Siller ucciso e 2 altri trovati morti nel campo da golf della Georgia

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La polizia sta cercando la persona che sabato ha sparato e ucciso il golfista professionista Gene Siller in un country club a nord di Atlanta Atlanta. La polizia della contea di Cobb ha risposto alla segnalazione di una persona colpita da arma da fuoco 2:20 p.m. e ho trovato Sille...

Richard Sherman drawing interest from Bucs, others amid legal troubles: rapporto

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Sherman, who is currently a free agent, was arrested over the summer on accusations of drunkenly crashing his SUV into a construction zone and trying to break into his in-laws’ suburban Seattle home. He pleaded not g...

Bomb plot: North Carolina man accused of teaching others how to make IEDS meant for killing law enforcement

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Authorities arrested Christopher Arthur, a 38-year-old from Mount Olive, Carolina del Nord, il gen. 22 on bomb making and attempted murder charges after a months-long FBI-led sting operation. He was indicted on Jan. 4 un...

Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente, Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente

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Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente 1:45 p.m. Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente, ha detto il dipartimento di polizia di New York. Una sparatoria a New York fuori dalla scuola del Bronx uccide un adolescente.

1 bambino viene trovato morto in un lago del Minnesota, 2 altri rimangono dispersi in un potenziale triplice omicidio, dice la polizia

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Gli sforzi di salvataggio e recupero sono stati avviati alla fine di venerdì dopo che le autorità del Minnesota hanno trovato il corpo di un bambino in un lago mentre altri due bambini sono scomparsi, ha detto la polizia. La madre dei tre bambini -- tutto o...

Al di sopra di 900 cars paid for each other’s meals at a Dairy Queen drive-through in Minnesota

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What started as a random act of kindness from one man paying for the car behind him in a Dairy Queen drive-through resulted in over 900 cars also taking part in the pay it forward chain. There's no question about it...

Cuomo communications director resigns, joins others who have jumped ship amid scandals

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Richard Azzopardi, the governor’s longtime advisor who has publicly gone to bat for him amid investigations into sexual harassment claims and into Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes during the pandemic, will now wear ...

California suspect seen smashing car windows in daytime burglary responsible for several others, dice la polizia

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The Oakland Police Department released footage showing someone breaking the rear window of a vehicle as cars and pedestrians pass pass by in the downtown area. After damaging one vehicle, the suspect moves to the n...

Causa intentata contro Travis Scott, Live Nation e altri dopo la tragedia dell'Astroworld Festival

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È stata intentata una causa in seguito alla tragedia dell'Astroworld Festival che ha causato la morte di otto persone e decine di feriti a Houston venerdì sera.. Un frequentatore di concerti che è stato ferito durante il festival sta facendo causa a rapper e pro...

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Latinos say they’re discriminated against by other Latinos just as much as others

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Latinos in the United States with darker skin are experiencing discrimination from fellow Latinos and from non-Latinos at nearly the same rate, a new poll from the Pew Research Center says. Il rapporto, published Mon...

Here’s how houseless people can get the $1,400 controllo dello stimolo — and how others can help

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As the third round of stimulus payments goes out, many Americans are obsessively checking their bank accounts. But more than half a million people in the US might not have a bank account to eye or a mailbox to open ...

1-year-old girl, 2 others killed at Louisiana swimming pool

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NEW ORLEANS VIOLENCE: RAGAZZA, 12, AT GRADUATION PARTY AMONG 3 KILLED IN BLOODY WEEKEND The shootings happened after the two entered the gated area and confronted the victims, Baton Rouge police Sgt. Don Coppola Jr. tol...

Kamala Harris calls Biden’s Afghanistan decision ‘courageousas others in White House blame Trump

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Come gli Stati Uniti. has been scrambling to evacuate Americans and allies out of Afghanistan in the aftermath of the Taliban’s takeover of the country, Harris portrayed the situation as the result of correct decision-making b...