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Some states are seeing higher numbers of Covid-19 cases as others ease restrictions

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While some states are seeing improving outlooks in their battle against Covid-19, other parts of the nation are hitting tragic records. "Things will get worse before they get better," President-elect Joe Biden said,...

Trump turns on some loyalists as others regret his tumultuous exit

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close Video Howard Kurtz blasts AOC push for Congress to 'rein in' media 'I don't like to hear any politician use that kind of language,' 'Media Buzz' host says on 'The Daily Briefing' Kellyanne Conway has been...

前密歇根州政府. Rick Snyder and others will be indicted in the Flint water crisis, 报告说

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前密歇根州政府. Rick Snyder is about to be indicted on criminal charges by a special counsel for his role in the Flint water crisis, news outlets including CNN affiliate WXYZ report. Snyder and several other o...

立法者, aides and others sheltering inside Capitol describe chaos

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关闭视频报: 以来最严重的违反政府机构 1814 Fox News congressional correspondent has the latest on Capitol incursion on 'Bill Hemmer Reports' Security officials rushed Vice...

他对Covid-19表示怀疑。. 现在, 从他的病床上, 他在社交媒体上发布视频,敦促其他人戴上口罩

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圣诞节过后,一名男子的冠状病毒检测结果呈阳性,他在社交媒体上发布了几段视频,警告其他人戴上口罩并从错误中吸取教训。. "我没想到口罩会像 ...

王牌, 与Soleimani杀害‘相关的其他人在地球上将是不安全的,’伊朗官员警告

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差距: Superpowers hoard talent, leaving ND, others behind

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关闭Video Fox News Flash 12月的头条新闻 30 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is clearly tired of the question: Do the Fi...

Deaf ‘AGTstar Mandy Harvey on inspiring others through singing: ‘It has given me the profound blessing’

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关闭Video Fox News十二月的热门娱乐头条 22 Fox News Flash娱乐和名人头条新闻在这里. 看看今天娱乐圈的点击情况. 独家: Mandy Harve...

多莉·帕顿(Dolly Parton)的姐姐斯特拉(Stella)抨击政客,使COVID-19疫苗领先于其他人

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关闭Video Fox News十二月的热门娱乐头条 21 Fox News Flash娱乐和名人头条新闻在这里. 看看今天娱乐圈的点击情况. Stella Parton is calli...

Missouri woman, 3 others arrested in murder of her ex, his fiancée

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关闭Video Fox News Flash 12月的头条新闻 14 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. A month-long investigation into the murder of a Missouri man and his fia...

福西, 卡玛拉语和你在其他地方发音不正确的单词 2020

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安东尼·福西. 卡马拉·哈里斯. 达芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci). 是, 他们是你见过很多次的名字. 可能您也曾念错很多名字, 根据语言学习应用Babbel的新列表. 每年辛...

艾略特·佩奇, Laverne Cox and others show diversity in Hollywood is about more than race

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这个故事的一个版本出现在CNN的《流行生活纪事》时事通讯中. 在收件箱中获取, 在这里免费注册. 告诉我们您希望在新闻通讯中看到更多内容的信息,网址为entertainment.newsletter@cnn.com ....

密苏里州, 5 更多州要求加入德克萨斯州最高法院针对佐治亚州的选举案, 其他

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关闭影片 17 州对德克萨斯州选举诉讼表示支持。州检察长史蒂夫·马歇尔(Steve Marshall)和杰夫·兰德里(Jeff Landry)对“福克斯和朋友们”(Fox and Friends)表示担忧。密苏里州和其他五个州周四表示支持。.

过度 900 cars paid for each other’s meals at a Dairy Queen drive-through in Minnesota

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What started as a random act of kindness from one man paying for the car behind him in a Dairy Queen drive-through resulted in over 900 cars also taking part in the pay it forward chain. There's no question about it...

Tripadvisor’s app, 并超过 100 其他, have just been blocked in China

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香港 (CNN业务)China says it has pulled Tripadvisor (TRIP) from mobile app stores in the country as the government embarks on a fresh bid to "clean up" 互联网. 在星期二的声明中, the Cyberspace Ad...

汉尼提: 佐治亚州政府. 肯普(Kemp)向正确的方向迈出第一步’ 而其他人则忽略了“证据”’

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关闭视频佐治亚州共和党官员拒绝呼吁进行选票签名审计肖恩·汉尼蒂说,政府. 布莱恩·肯普(Brian Kemp)采取了正确的“婴儿步骤”,而其余的行政工作则无助于肖恩·汉尼提(Sean Hannity)致力于h。.

明尼苏达州官员, 2 其他人开枪, 嫌疑人在长达数小时的僵持后被捕

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关闭11月Video Fox News Flash头条新闻 29 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. 明尼苏达州警方周日逮捕了一个他们说禁止自己进入的男子。.

Texas State football player shot, 被杀; 2 suspects arrested, search on for others: 警察

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关闭11月Video Fox News Flash头条新闻 25 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. At least two suspects have been arrested in connection with the fatal sh...

California church stabbing suspect arrested after 2 被杀, others wounded

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关闭11月Video Fox News Flash头条新闻 23 Fox News Flash头条新闻在这里. 看看在Foxnews.com上点击了什么. SAN JOSE, 牛犊. – A suspect has been arrested in connection with the fa...

鸣鸟驱逐一些小鸡, 牺牲他们给别人更好的生存机会

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您可能会欣赏花园里的小鸟对幼鸟的奉献 -- 无休止地捕捉臭虫,并将其运送回巢中的雏鸟. 但是伊利诺伊大学的研究人员 ...

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