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'Chicas malas’ la estrella Lacey Chabert llora a su hermana después de "impactante’ muerte: "Nuestros corazones están destrozados’

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Chabert compartió una foto de una joven Wendy junto con la noticia.. Lacey Chabert reveló que su hermana Wendy falleció en una publicación de Instagram en las redes sociales. (Foto de Jean-Paul Aussenard / WireImage de Getty I ...

Propietario de los Houston Rockets: "Nuestro gran capitalismo llegará a su fin’ si los demócratas aprueban el impuesto a las ganancias no realizadas

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Fertitta, quien también es dueño del grupo de restaurantes Landry's y otras propiedades, dijo "Horario estelar de Fox News" que la crisis de la cadena de suministro, junto con la inflación y la escasez de mano de obra, está causando un daño duradero a Estados Unidos..

Alec Baldwin receives support from Hollywood after on-set shooting: ‘Our hearts are broken along with yours’

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The 63-year-old actor was rehearsing a scene for his upcoming western-genre film "Oxido" in New Mexico when he discharged a firearm that he was told was "frío" or unloaded, per affidavits. The projectile struck direct...

Ed Orgeron de LSU: "Nuestro equipo ha estado en llamas toda la semana,'Como lesiones, su estado de trabajo ventilador basurero fuego

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Las lesiones aumentan a medida que las discusiones sobre el entrenador Ed Orgeron $ 17 millones de adquisiciones de contratos y posibles reemplazos se extienden mientras los Tigres (3-3, 1-2 SEGUNDO) prepárate para acoger No. 20 Florida (4-2, 2-2 SEGUNDO) en Tiger Stadium en 11...

Matthew Mindler, ‘Our Idiot Brother’ actor, missing from college

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The 19-year-old "As the World Turns" alum was reported missing late Wednesday night from his Pennslyvania school, Millersville University. Mindler didn't return to his college dorm and hasn't been answering calls fro...

Trudeau minister raises eyebrows by calling Taliban ‘our brothers

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"I want to take this opportunity to speak to our brothers, the Taliban," Maryam Monsef said. "We call on you to ensure the safe and secure passage of any individual in Afghanistan out of the country." TALIBAN WARNS ...

Trump rips Biden’s Afghan actions: ‘Our country has never been so humiliated’; ‘blows Vietnam away

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Trump dijo "Hannity" that Biden has humiliated the United States more than any other president in history, explicitly eclipsing fellow Democrat Jimmy Carter's Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979. "It is a terrible time for o...

Leon Panetta calls Afghanistan a ‘Bay of Pigsmoment for Biden: ‘Our credibility right now is in question

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Biden has come under sharp criticism for the chaos unfolding in Afghanistan as the Taliban seizes control, and Panetta was asked by CNN's John King what this moment meant for the president. "In many ways, I think of ...

ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill remembered by ‘Duck Dynasty’ estrella Willie Robertson: ‘Our beards bowed downto him

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The reality star had come to meet the founding member of the blues band when its "Hombre bien vestido" became the theme song to the rowdy family’s reality empire. El jueves, Robertson told Fox News that news of Hill...

Blinken lays out pillars for cyber diplomacy, says ‘our democratic values and way of lifeare at stake

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Washington US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke Tuesday of the importance of diplomacy in dealing with cybersecurity and technology matters, señalando que "our democratic values and way of life" son "fundamentall...

Cheney calls select committee ‘our only remaining optionand attacks GOP leaders for appeasing Trump

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Representante de Wyoming. Liz Cheney sharply criticized Republican leaders ahead of a vote Wednesday to create a select committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, which she said she supported. It was the l...

‘Armyof Virginia parents unite against critical race theory ‘insanity’: ‘Our protests won’t stop

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VIRGINIA'S LOUDOUN COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD SILENCES PUBLIC MENT AFTER RAUCOUS MEETING, 2 MEN ARRESTED RACHEL PISANI: The goal was really parents being able to speak and express their concern about CRT and the fact that o...

Bidens anuncia la muerte del perro de la familia Champ, "Nuestro dulce, buen chico’

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"Nuestros corazones están apesadumbrados hoy porque les dejamos saber que nuestro amado pastor alemán, Morder, falleció pacíficamente en casa," los Biden dijeron en un comunicado. "El era nuestra constante, querido compañero durante el último ...

Islanders national anthem singer details viral moment: ‘Our country coming together as one

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Islanders fans helped out Raviv before Game 4 after she experienced some technical difficulties with her microphone while singing the anthem. Even though there was no sound, Raviv told Fox News in an interview on Thu...

Cuban American NASCAR star Aric Almirola reminds fans that ‘our freedom is not free

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The 37-year-old Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR Cup Series driver was born on Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where his father, Ralph, who fled communist Cuba as a child with his family, was serving. (Sea...

Reps. Waltz slams Biden for appeasing Russia and China: ‘Our adversaries smell weakness in the White House’

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MICHAEL WALTZ: In his first days in office he [Biden] canceled the [Piedra clave] tubería, Russian backed hackers attacked our biggest pipeline in Colonial after he canceled Keystone and now we are just going to let the...

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