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Cheney calls select committee ‘our only remaining optionand attacks GOP leaders for appeasing Trump

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Representante de Wyoming. Liz Cheney sharply criticized Republican leaders ahead of a vote Wednesday to create a select committee to investigate the January 6 ataque al Capitolio de los Estados Unidos, which she said she supported. It was the l...

‘Armyof Virginia parents unite against critical race theory ‘insanity’: ‘Our protests won’t stop

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VIRGINIA'S LOUDOUN COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD SILENCES PUBLIC MENT AFTER RAUCOUS MEETING, 2 MEN ARRESTED RACHEL PISANI: The goal was really parents being able to speak and express their concern about CRT and the fact that o...

Bidens anuncia la muerte del perro de la familia Champ, "Nuestro dulce, buen chico’

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"Nuestros corazones están apesadumbrados hoy porque les dejamos saber que nuestro amado pastor alemán, Morder, falleció pacíficamente en casa," los Biden dijeron en un comunicado. "El era nuestra constante, querido compañero durante el último ...

Islanders national anthem singer details viral moment: ‘Our country coming together as one

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Islanders fans helped out Raviv before Game 4 after she experienced some technical difficulties with her microphone while singing the anthem. Even though there was no sound, Raviv told Fox News in an interview on Thu...

Cuban American NASCAR star Aric Almirola reminds fans that ‘our freedom is not free

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The 37-year-old Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR Cup Series driver was born on Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where his father, Ralph, who fled communist Cuba as a child with his family, was serving. (Sea...

Reps. Waltz slams Biden for appeasing Russia and China: ‘Our adversaries smell weakness in the White House’

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MICHAEL WALTZ: In his first days in office he [Biden] canceled the [Piedra clave] tubería, Russian backed hackers attacked our biggest pipeline in Colonial after he canceled Keystone and now we are just going to let the...

Después del tiroteo mortal en la clínica de Minnesota, centro de salud dice "nuestros corazones estaban rotos’

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Tanto para los pacientes como para el personal, el tiroteo en un centro de salud de Minnesota que mató a una persona e hirió a otras cuatro ha sido traumático, dijo el centro en un comunicado. "Nuestros corazones estaban rotos," Allina Health s ...

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