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Sen. Tom Cotton condemns Biden administration for ‘sicking’ Feds on concerned parents: ‘Dangerous overreach’

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SEN.TOM COTTON: Every state has laws on the books for criminalizing violence or criminal threats. This is dangerous overreach by Biden administration to sick the Feds on parents who simply want to play a role in thei...

Overreach: How Biden’s leftward lurch led to political paralysis

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Sheer political overreach. Joe Biden isn’t the first president to fall into this trap, but it’s still rather stunning given his 44 years of experience as a senator and VP. He just asked for way too much spending, fa...

Bill Hagerty: Biden admin ‘overreach’ — on energy, jobs, private data — has Americans ‘deeply concerned’

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HANNITY: ‘EVERYTHING WILL BEE MORE EXPENSIVE’ UNDER DEMOCRATS’ SPENDING PLAN U.S. SEN. BILL HAGERTY, R-TENN: Their policies are absolutely cutting the exact wrong way. … They make us less energy independent. They’ve ...

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sues Biden administration for ‘federal overreach’

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Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced in a statement Tuesday that the state is suing President Joe Biden "and other officials in his administration" over the new coronavirus vaccine mandates Biden announc...

Bret Baier: What would Ulysses S. Grant do? The first ‘executive order’ president on consequences of overreach

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After all, in his day Grant had been the master of executive orders, issuing 217—a record. Early presidents made scant use of them—Jefferson, Madison and Monroe issued one each—and even Lincoln only reached 48. Yet i...

Biden gets snarky after DeSantis says he’ll block fed overreach on COVID rules: ‘Governor who?’

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"When I asked the president his reaction to @RonDeSantisFL saying he is ‘getting in the way’ over COVID restrictions. Pres. Biden responded "Governor who?... that's my response," NBC News White House Correspondent Ke...

DeSantis: If Florida didn’t lead fight against federal COVID overreach, US would look like Canada

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While Florida is returning to normal with sporting events returning to full capacity, DeSantis reminded "Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin that children in the state had the benefit of in-person learning thr...

Missouri gov, attorney general fire back at Biden DOJ over ‘federal overreach’ on 2nd Amendment rights

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"Missouri is not attempting to nullify federal law," Parson and Schmitt wrote in a letter to Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton of DOJ's Civil Division. "Instead, Missouri is defending its people from fe...