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Apple warns iPhone owners not to do this with their devices

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A new message on its support site says that vibrations can ruin the optical image stabilization and autofocus functions on iPhone cameras. The warning says that "long-term direct exposure to high-amplitude vibrations...

Sean Hannity tells Biden that disarming law-abiding gun owners is ‘not the answer

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SEAN HANNITY: Prevedibilmente, he shamelessly now is using the horrific shooting in Uvalde for political gain. Adesso, no doubt there are serious concerns surrounding this massacre in Texas. The Evolved Day school district ...

Il team WNBA Atlanta Dream è stato venduto a nuovi proprietari — compreso un ex giocatore

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Il sogno di Atlanta, il team WNBA precedentemente co-posseduto dall'ex senatore degli Stati Uniti. Kelly Loeffler, è stato venduto. La cessione della squadra a Larry Gottesdiener, presidente della società immobiliare nazionale Northland, è stata all'unanimità ...

Owners say this Toyota is the least satisfying vehicle

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The latest survey from Consumer Reports reveals the 10 least-satisfying vehicles currently on sale. Owners were asked under no specific criteria if they'd make the same purchase if given the choice today, and few car...

I proprietari di Brown sono finalmente in buona posizione dopo anni di miseria

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Soffocato dalla pandemia, Cleveland si sta rialzando. I Brown sono già in piedi. L'apparizione ai playoff della scorsa stagione, la prima dopo il 2002 stagione - ha aumentato le aspettative per i Browns, chi oltre ...

MLB cancels more spring training games as negotiations drag on between owners and players

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Major League Baseball on Friday canceled spring training games through at least March 17 as negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players' union drag on. Martedì, MLB p...

La proprietà sulla spiaggia multimilionaria sottratta ai proprietari neri nell'era di Jim Crow viene cancellata per essere restituita

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Un tratto di proprietà immobiliare di prima qualità sulla spiaggia della California meridionale può ora essere restituito ai discendenti dei suoi legittimi proprietari neri, quasi un secolo dopo che il pacco è stato preso dalla città di Manhattan Beach. Conosciuto come...

Questo rifugio per animali dello Utah è un rifugio sicuro per i proprietari che stanno subendo un trattamento per droga o alcol

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Un nuovo programma nello Utah fornirà alloggi a breve termine per animali domestici i cui proprietari sono in cura per abuso di droghe o alcol. Il programma è una collaborazione tra il Ruff Haven Crisis Center, fornito da un'organizzazione no profit..

Here’s what hourly workers and small business owners think of a $15 salario minimo

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Presidente Joe Biden, along with other Democrats, have voiced support for an increase in the federal minimum wage from $ 7.25 per $ 15 an hour. But recent attempts -- including a Senate vote on Friday to include a m...

ESPN avoids on-air coverage of Golden State Warriors owner’s Uyghur comments, other networks also ignore

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The Disney-owned network has not drawn any attention to Warriors part-owner Chamath Palihapitiya, who went viral on Monday when he claimed that "nobody cares" about the Chinese Communist Party-sponsored (CCP) genocid...

Texas ranch owner’s interview interrupted as agents pursue migrants on property

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JOHN SEWELL: The basic thing we got from this yesterday, Sfortunatamente, we're not going to get a lot of support from the CBP. They basically said their hands are tied and the best thing for us is to work with our sta...

The nation’s first law requiring gun owners to have liability insurance may affect less than you think

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San Jose's city council this winter passed an ordinance requiring most of the California city's gun owners to carry liability insurance for accidental shootings -- a first in the nation. It might seem to herald big ...

Netflix to edit ‘Squid Game’ phone numbers out of scenes after owners complain of prank calls, testi

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"After Squid Game aired, I have been receiving calls and texts endlessly, 24/7, to the point that it's hard for me to go on with daily life," the owner of the number told Koreaboo in an interview. "This is a number t...

Tucker Carlson: John Cornyn, who decided to take guns from lawful gun owners, is unpopular with GOP voters

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But the Senate isn't trying to do anything about that. Anziché, Democrats have decided this is a perfect opportunity in the wake of school shootings to disarm you and the amazing thing is, Mitch McConnell, the head R...

Former owners of girls boarding school facing more than 100 felony charges including statutory rape

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The former owners of a girls' boarding school in Missouri are facing more than 100 felony charges between them related to the abuse of 16 victims at the school, secondo i documenti di addebito. Missouri Attorney Ge...

Hong Kong plans to cull 2,000 hamsters over Covid fears. Pet owners are outraged

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Una versione di questa storia è apparsa nella newsletter di CNN While in China, un aggiornamento tre volte a settimana che esplora ciò che è necessario sapere sull'ascesa del paese e sull'impatto che ha sul mondo. Iscriviti qui. Hong Kong Hong...