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Die departement van justisie skuld die Amerikaanse volk meer as 38 bladsye van 'geredigeer niks:’ Trey Gowdy

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TREY GOWDY: Baie Amerikaners het nog vrae. Hierdie vrae is nie polities nie. Hulle is feitelik en wettig. As jy dit oorweeg om 'n oudpres, Ek dink ons ​​is geregtig op meer as 38 bladsye van b...

Lawyer releases pages from Brian Laundrie’s notebook in which he admits to killing Gabby Petito

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The attorney for the family of Brian Laundrie on Friday released eight pages from Laundrie's notebook that was found near his remains in Florida in October last year, according to a news release obtained by CNN affi...

Gannett, owner of USA Today, other newspapers, scaling back opinion pages to combat ‘biasedperception

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The Washington Post reported on Thursday the newspapers "have begun to radically shrink and reimagine their editorial sections, publishing them on fewer days each week and dropping traditional features such as syndic...

Elliot Page se 'Umbrella Academy’ character to come out as transgender

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Elliott Page's character on "Umbrella Academy" will mimic real life. Page's character on the hit Netflix series will come out as transgender in the third season. The streaming giant celebrated the news by retweeting...

Call Of Duty: Vanguard removes pages of the Quran from the game after critics call it disrespectful

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The publisher of the video game Call of Duty: Vanguard has issued an apology after receiving criticism from Muslim players who noticed pages of the Quran lying on the floor during a gameplay scene. The pages from Is...

Pages on CRT, anti-racism and mandatory vaccine resolutions disappear from NEA website

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The pages on the website for the largest teachers union in the United States were visible as recently as Tuesday morning, a few days after the conclusion of the NEA's 2021 Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly. ...

‘Bridgerton’ star Regé-Jean Page’s exit from the Netflix series has Hollywood buzzing

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The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Tuesday in just the latest postmortem on his exit that the actor had signed a one-year deal, but was then "offered an opportunity to return as a guest star in three to five episodes of...