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‘Pam & Tommie’ trailer gives good mullet and sex tape

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A limited series about the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape scandal is coming to Hulu. Lily James and Sebastian Stan star as the formerly married couple in "Pam & Tommie." In the trailer which debuted Wedne...

New ‘Pam & Tommie’ trailer drops

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Die nuutste "Pam & Tommie" sleepwa is hier. Hulu dropped a new preview of the upcoming series on Wednesday ahead of the show's Feb. 2 debuut. The eight-episode series tells the story of how actress and model Pamela...

‘Pam & Tommie’ blends nostalgia with amazing makeup to create a two-in-one miniseries

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Once you get past the astonishing makeup and prosthetics, "Pam & Tommie" essentially functions as two miniseries in one, the first devoted to the central couple, and the latter to the hapless guy who turned them ...

I can sum up ‘Pam & Tommie’ in a single word

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Sara Stewart is 'n film- en kultuurskrywer wat in die weste van Pennsylvania woon. Die sienings wat hier uitgespreek word, is slegs die skrywer s'n. View more opinion articles on CNN Note: This article contains spoilers for upcoming ...