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Think science and religion don’t mix? Don’t tell that to Mars rover scientist Rev. Pamela Conrad

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When Rev. Pamela Conrad looks into the heavens, she really looks into the heavens. By night, and at odd moments during the day, Conrad moonlights as a research scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Science in Was...

Lily James stuns in iconic red ‘Baywatchswimsuit as Pamela Anderson for TV series

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The British actress, 32, looked unrecognizable as Pamela Anderson as she donned a costume that looked identical to Anderson's iconic red swimsuit from "Baywatch." Anderson played C.J. Parker in the lifeguard drama se...

Lily James e Sebastian Stan canalizzano Pamela Anderson e Tommy Lee per la serie limitata di Hulu

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Dai un'occhiata a questo gruppo eterogeneo. Lily James e Sebastian Stan sono praticamente irriconoscibili nelle prime foto della coppia trasformata in Pamela Anderson e Tommy Lee, rispettivamente, per il prossimo limite di Hulu ...

Lily James, Sebastian Stan sembra irriconoscibile nei panni di Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee per la serie Hulu

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I due attori reciteranno in Hulu "Pam & Tommy," che seguirà la storia d'amore tra i "Baywatch" star e musicista, compreso il loro matrimonio solo dopo 96 ore di conoscersi. Di venerdì, lo spettacolo r ...

Pamela Anderson is married

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Pamela Anderson is a married woman. The former TV star and her bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst, tied the knot on Christmas Eve at her home on Vancouver Island, a representative for Anderson confirmed to CNN. "I was married...

Pamela Hutchinson of R&B group The Emotions dead at 61

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Pamela Hutchinson, famed R&B singer with family group "The Emotions," è morto all'età di 61, according to a post on the band's official Facebook page Sunday. "Pam succumbed to health challenges that she'd be...