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Mental health experts warn of isolation’s devastating effects amid pandemic

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close Video The effects of isolation on mental health can be severe 95-year-old Rita Thomas was forced to isolate alongside her fellow nursing home residents amid the pandemic. Without the ability to see her love...

Vakbondleier: Onderwysers van Chicago sukkel met beide die coronavirus-pandemie en vrees

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maak Video Weingarten toe: Chicago-onderwysers sukkel met 'vrees', benewens die Amerikaanse federasie van onderwysers se president, Randi Weingarten, bespreek die standoff in Chicago nadat vakbondonderwysers daarteen gestem het..

These high schoolers turned their tough experiences during the pandemic into powerful memoirs

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A teenager left to care for his family. One who found his faith, and another who watched his father relapse into addiction. They are the firsthand accounts of a group of New Jersey high school students living during...

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will resign amid pandemic and political turmoil

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Rome Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will resign on Tuesday morning, his office said in a statement on Monday, heightening political turmoil in the country as it battles Covid-19. "The Council of Ministers is ...

China pushes fringe theories on COVID-19 pandemic origins, entstowwe

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close Video China slaps sanctions on Pompeo, Navarro, other top Trump administration officials 'The Coming Collapse of China' author Gordon Chang weighs in on U.S. relations with China on ‘America’s News HQ.’ C...

NYC small business owner thanks Barstool’s Portnoy in person for helping him survive pandemic

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close Video Dave Portnoy discusses his Barstool Fund with Brian Kilmeade Small business owner, who received financial support from the Barstool Fund, thanks Dave Portnoy in person and encourages other business ow...

Biden-genomineerde probeer om president se 'niks wat ons kan doen op te ruim nie’ eis oor pandemiese trajekte

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sluit Video Biden reik uitvoerende bevele oor koronavirus-werkloosheidsvoordele uit, kosseëls Marc Little, voorsitter van die CURE-raad, weeg of die president se ekonomiese planne effektief sal wees. Sekretaris van He ...

Washington Post touts claim Biden inherited Cold War, Civil War, Great Depression, in addition to pandemic

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close Video Contrasting the media's response to Biden, Trump inaugurations Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald joins 'The Ingraham Angle' to discuss media hypocrisy in the Biden era. Washington Post reporter...

Coronavirus-pandemie het 'n uitwerking op die slaaibedryf, aangesien plaaswerkers 'n druk seisoen bied

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sluit Video COVID-19 beïnvloed slaasbedryf Slaaiboere in die suidweste van Arizona voel die gevolge van COVID-19. Hul verkope het verlede jaar 'n groot treffer behaal, sodat hulle minder hierdie seisoen plant. Met die Amerikaanse ....

Glastonbury music festival canceled for second year amid ongoing pandemic

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London The organizers of Glastonbury have announced that Britain's famous music festival will be canceled for a second consecutive year amid the coronavirus pandemic -- an ominous move for live music promoters and ar...

A nurse for 50 years refused to retire when the pandemic began. She later died from Covid-19

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After more than 50 years as an emergency room nurse, Betty Grier Gallagher had more than earned the right to retire. But according to those who knew and loved her, she just couldn't. She cared that much. Gallaher wo...

Liam Neeson tops box office for second time amid the coronavirus pandemic

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sluit Video Fox News Flash top vermaakopskrifte vir Januarie 18 Fox News Flash se topvermaak en beroemdheidsopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat kliek vandag in die vermaak. Liam Neeson is proving ...

‘Bridgerton’ star Phoebe Dynevor ‘can’t imagine’ how filming Season 2 would be possible during pandemic

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sluit Video Fox News Flash top vermaakopskrifte vir Januarie 18 Fox News Flash se topvermaak en beroemdheidsopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat kliek vandag in die vermaak. "Bridgerton" fans may h...

Baylor’s Kim Mulkey unhappy playing amid pandemic: ‘Almighty dollarclearly more important

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sluit Video Fox News Flits die hoofopskrifte vir Januarie 17 Fox News Flash se topopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat klik op Legendary Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey was back on the side...

How empty stadiums proved useful during the Covid-19 pandemic

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On March 11, sports in the United States came to terms with the arrival of the coronavirus. An NBA player tested positive shortly before tipoff in Oklahoma City, forcing the game's cancellation. Within days, elke ...

UK plumber has helped over 2,000 vulnerable families fix heating and plumbing during the pandemic for free

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Thousands of elderly and disabled individuals in the UK have received emergency heating and plumbing repairs at no cost during the pandemic thanks to a kind-hearted plumber. James Anderson, 53, of Burnley, a town i...

Rapper Bow Wow defends himself against criticism for packed club performance amid coronavirus pandemic

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sluit Video Fox News Flash top vermaakopskrifte vir Januarie 16 Fox News Flash se topvermaak en beroemdheidsopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat kliek vandag in die vermaak. Rapper Bow Wow woke up ...

‘Cheatingmay mean something else entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic

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close Video Bizarre dating trends to watch out for January is the most popular time to meet singles, according to Tinder. And a new year means a slew of new dating trends to be wary of before jumping back on the ...

Franklin Graham shares message that will ‘change your life’ te midde van pandemie

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close Video Franklin Graham shares message that will 'change your life' in the middle of the pandemic Franklin Graham, president and CEO of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, op sy ...

Coronavirus het besmet 1 in 3 mense in Los Angeles sedert die begin van die pandemie: amptenare

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sluit Video Skole in Los Angeles om van kinders vereis dat hulle die koronavirus-entstof kry Fox News mediese bydraer Dr.. Nicole Saphier reageer daarop om te praat oor die inenting van koronavirus vir kinders. Sedert die begin van o ...

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