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Ram launching new (RED) pickup to help Bono’s organization fight pandemics

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The brand is launching a new (RAM)RED 1500 pickup to help support the Global Fund along with a limited edition Ignition 0range version of the high performance TRX. 2022 Ram 1500 (RAM)RED Edition badge

White House releases new plan to better respond to future pandemics or other biological threats

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Washington, DC The White House on Friday released a new multibillion-dollar plan for improving preparedness for pandemics or other biological threats, comparing it to the ambitious Apollo moon shot program of the 196...

Black Americans are battling ‘three pandemics,’ trova un nuovo rapporto

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Higher unemployment rates, lower household incomes and lack of access to health care left Black Americans more vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic and there is an urgency to address these structural inequities, acco ...

MIT professor buying a grad student and new mother a crib to keep in the lab highlights pandemic’s toll on working moms

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Karen Cunningham thought she had picked a good, stable time to start a family as a graduate student at MIT. But when she gave birth to her daughter, Katie, nel mese di luglio 2020, the coronavirus pandemic was surging. She and...

Panel suggests WHO should have more power to stop pandemics

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In a report released Wednesday, the panel faulted countries worldwide for their sluggish response to COVID-19, saying most waited to see how the virus was spreading until it was too late to contain it, leading to cat...

Power takes the helm at USAID touting its role in fighting pandemics

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Samantha Power was sworn in as the new head of the US Agency for International Development on Monday, taking the helm as the Biden administration is faced with humanitarian crises around the globe and the ongoing th...

What the pandemic’s new normal looks like around the world, according to readers

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This was excerpted from the April 16 edizione di Meanwhile in America della CNN, l'e-mail quotidiana sulla politica statunitense per i lettori globali. Clicca qui per leggere le edizioni passate e iscriverti. Across the globe, the coronavirus pan...

As America’s youth faces mental health ‘crisis,’ Biden admin sets focus on pandemic’s impact on children

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The first volume of the handbook, released in February, issued guidance on how to safely reopen U.S. public schools during the pandemic while the second volume makes clear that months of school closures may have nega...

Incontra l'artista che ha dipinto 150 ritratti dei primi soccorritori della pandemia

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Per Jayashree Krishnan, chi ha dipinto più di 150 portraits of first responders across the globe since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, gli occhi raccontano la storia. "Each person's set of eyes that I have painted...

Trump estende le restrizioni all'immigrazione, citando l'impatto della pandemia sul mercato del lavoro

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Il presidente Donald Trump ha esteso alcune restrizioni all'immigrazione legale e ai visti che consentono agli immigrati di lavorare temporaneamente negli Stati Uniti giovedì, poche ore prima che tali restrizioni venissero applicate..

Plague history shows how a pandemic’s course can be shaped

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Plague outbreaks in London spread four times faster in the 17th century than they did in the 14th century, researchers have estimated after studying troves of wills and death records. Researchers from Canada's McMa...

How to guard against seasonal affective disorder in the pandemic’s winter months

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With winter on the horizon, it's getting darker earlier each day, and temperatures are slipping. Seasonal affective disorder could hit particularly hard this year, especially after months of social distancing and ...

How climate change affects pandemics

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Numerous scientists have studied how the 1918 flu spread to become the deadliest pandemic in history and which interventions worked, research that is becoming increasingly relevant during the current coronavirus cri...