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Liberals ramp up calls for Supreme Court Justice Breyer to retire after he panned court packing in speech

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The calls come in the wake of a speech Breyer gave to Harvard Law School students and alumni earlier this week when he warned that court packing – a term for adding seats to the Supreme Court to change its political ...

CBS’ ’60 Minutesignores Cuomo scandals, Newsom recall, in favor of widely panned DeSantis hit piece

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Even as Cuomo fights for his political life amid allegations by his own state Attorney General that the governor deliberately undercounted coronavirus nursing home deaths, as well as multiple sexual harassment accusa...

Mainstream media parrots widely panned ’60 Minutes’ report on DeSantis, Publix without noting backlash

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Die "60 Minute" report has drawn criticism from Democratic state officials and conservative media members alike, but the criticism has been ignored when covered by other outlets. CRITICS BLAST '60 MINUTES' FOR 'FALS...