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ジャシー・スモレット評決: CNNは、一部の容疑で不名誉な俳優を有罪と宣言したことでパンした’

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スモレットは、彼が組織したヘイトクライムの悪ふざけに起因する彼に対する6件の告発のうち5件で有罪判決を受けました。 2019. JUSSIE SMOLLETT GUILTY OF STAGING HATE CRIME, 警官に嘘をつく陪審員はスモレットに有罪を認めた。.

アクシオスは「感謝祭の用心棒」を提案するためにパンしました’ 休日の集まりの前にCOVIDテストを管理する

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"誰もこの仕事を本当に望んでいません, しかし、何百万もの世帯が独自の感謝祭の警備員を必要とするかもしれません," Axiosは火曜日にレポートを開始しました. "カバーチャージは陰性のCOVIDテストです, 到着前またはfrの外で行われます。.

WH’s Klain panned for retweeting post on ‘ultimate work-around’ for federal vaccine requirement

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President Biden announced proposed rules that would force private-sector employers with more than 100 workers to either require them to be fully vaccinated or mandate that they undergo weekly tests. Biden referred to...

Biden’s Afghanistan speech panned for being ‘divorcedfrom reality on the ground

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Among Biden's claims that were quickly debunked was his assertion that al Qaeda is "行った" from Afghanistan. Just minutes later, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that "there is an al Qaeda presence in Afghan...

Ben Crump panned for praising the removal of ‘master bedroomfrom Minnesota real estate listings

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"Words MATTER!" Crump tweeted Monday afternoon. "Good to see Minnesota phasing out the use of ‘master bedroom’ in real estate listings. Many associate it with slavery, a repetitive reminder of plantation life. Togeth...

Olympian Nyjah Huston on panned bed situation: ‘We need good sleep,’ not worried about ‘hooking up

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Huston on Monday took his Instagram followers on a tour of his room in the Olympic Village in Tokyo, including showing off the cardboard beds that athletes will have to sleep on for the length of the Games. 彼女をクリックしてください。.


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"7月4日のクックアウトの費用 2021 ダウンしています $ 0.16 昨年から," ツイートを読んだ, 農務局を引用. 添付のスライドショーは、ほとんどの最高執行責任者にとって不可欠な食品のいくつかの価格の下落を示しています。.

NPR writer doubles down, says he’s ‘proudof panned piece urging Tom Hanks to be an ‘anti-racist

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"Tom Hanks is a non-racist. It's time for him to be an anti-racist," the title of Eric Deggans' opinion piece read on Sunday. Deggans begins with the disclaimer that he admires Hanks as an actor and considers him to...

In interview panned as ‘bootlicking,’ CNN’s Stelter asks Jen Psaki to tell him what the media ‘gets wrong

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"The White House press secretary faces some unique challenges," Stelter said when introducing his guest, a former CNN contributor. "Busy summer ahead -- インフラストラクチャー, 選挙制度改革. What does the press get wrong ...

Tim Tebow package speculation with Jaguars harshly panned: ‘Ton of people on every team more qualified

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NFL insider Chris Simms shot down the idea that Tebow would be a viable player used in those types of situations. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . "Can’t believe this is still a topic. The only reason you use ...

Biden’s COVID-19 ‘rule’ tweet panned on social media

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バイデン, who addressed the media in the Rose Garden earlier Thursday, announced that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its mask guidance for fully vaccinated Americans. The guidance allows those va...

MSNBC panned for Joy Reid’s ‘poop’ segment attacking Rep. エリーゼステファニク

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リード, the left-wing host well known for criticizing Republicans, was seemingly amused when former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, now a political analyst for MSNBC, resorted to using defecation...

ビル&メリンダゲイツが結婚を救うことができないかどうかを尋ねるためにWaPoはパンしました, 「私たちの残りの部分にはどのような希望がありますか?’

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ワシントンポストの記者リサボノスは彼女の見出しに質問を投げかけた, 読んだ, "ビル&メリンダゲイツが結婚できない場合, 私たちの残りの部分にはどのような希望がありますか?" "カップルの何時間か想像してみてください。.

Robert De Niro’s lawyer echoes panned 2017 story in divorce court

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当時の, De Niro’s longtime rep Stan Rosenfield huffed, "Your story is based on something that never happened from a source who has an ax to grind." So we were (not at all) surprised to hear De Niro’s divorce att...

’60 Minutes’ acknowledges criticism on DeSantis segment but doesn’t retract story panned as ‘shoddy hit piece

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"This is something that shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore. So many institutions in the media, including ’60 Minutes,’ sadly, have now adopted an approach that essentially amounts to Democratic propaganda," The Federa...

Liberals ramp up calls for Supreme Court Justice Breyer to retire after he panned court packing in speech

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The calls come in the wake of a speech Breyer gave to Harvard Law School students and alumni earlier this week when he warned that court packing – a term for adding seats to the Supreme Court to change its political ...

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