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Jimmy Failla on school cancelling Halloween parade over inclusivity: ‘What a dumb time to be alive

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SEATTLE SCHOOL CANCELS HALLOWEEN PARADE BECAUSE IT 'MARGINALIZES STUDENTS OF COLOR' JIMMY FAILLA: というのは, what a dumb time to be alive, but the good news is we finally found one day where kids won't have to wear a ma...

Seattle school cancels Halloween parade because it ‘marginalizes students of color

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The decision to cancel the Pumpkin Parade, where students can dress up in Halloween costumes, came from the Racial Equity Team at Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary School after five years of discussion, the school dis...

New Orleans residents hold ‘trash paradeprotest after garbage pickup delayed 3 weeks post Hurricane Ida

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Many residents have not had their household trash picked up in weeks. Driving through neighborhoods, bin after bin is filled to the brim and residents are losing patience. Trash bins in New Orleans are fil...

North Korea holds middle-of-the-night military parade

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ソウル, South Korea North Korea held a midnight military parade in Pyongyang early Thursday to mark the 73rd anniversary of its founding, the country's state media reported. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared on...

Milwaukee Bucksfans celebrate NBA championship with parade

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Six police officers on horseback clopped past cheering fans at the head of a procession that included a hook-and-ladder fire truck, occasionally blaring its horn, and open-air buses and flatbed trucks carrying Bucks ...

ライトニングプレーヤーはボートパレードでスタンレーカップをへこませます, トロフィーは修理のためにモントリオールに向かいます

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NYC EMS worker blasts de Blasio: Ticker-tape parade was nice, but we need a raise

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"Giving us a parade just shines a light on how much we need to raise," paramedic Liana Espinal told "狐 & 友達。" "We need more money. The thank you and the praise and the parade is nice, but it just doesn't p...

Parade of relievers keeps Reds in check, Padres win 5-4

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San Diego stranded a season-high 16 runners — leaving the bases loaded in the third, sixth and seventh innings — and utilized seven relievers after Craig Stammen lasted two innings. But they got all the runs they nee...

NYCプライドの主催者が警察のパレードを禁止したとしてゲイの警官から声をかけられた: これは「包含」ではありません’

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NYPD探偵とゲイオフィサーアクションリーグ (ゴール) ブライアン・ダウニー大統領が加わりました "アメリカのニュースルーム," 金曜日, に応答する "恥ずかしい" 彼が主張する決定は、LGBTQコミュニティの可視性に反します。.


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フォートローダーデール市長がプライドクラッシュを呼びかけるためのバックラッシュに直面するトレースギャラガーが利用できる事実がほとんどない「テロ事件」: その声明は、いくつかの理由で私が今まで見た中で最も弱いウォークバックです. 1, 彼は ...


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ミシガン州の警察官が土曜日、ジューンティーンスのパレードの近くで警官を撃ったと警察が言った後、19歳の女性を射殺した。, 当局者は言った. 警官は怪我をしていませんでした. その女, 誰が識別されなかった。.

1 フロリダプライドパレードでトラックが歩行者を襲った後、人が死亡した

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土曜日にマイアミ近くのプライドパレードで2人の歩行者がトラックに襲われた, 1人が死亡し、もう1人が負傷した, 警察によると. "両方の男性はBrowardHealth MedicalCenterに連れて行かれました, 1つがpronだったところ。.


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95歳の君主は、進行中の社会的距離の制限にもかかわらず、華やかさとページェントリーの面で失望しなかった式典を見るために台座に座っていました. 彼女がG7の指導者に会った後に疲れていたら, 含む...

ライブアップデート: Hamas holds defiant military parade, top leader appears

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The deal came following 11 days of bloody fighting that both sides were trying to spin as a win. Top Hamas leader Yehiyeh Sinwar also made his first appearance since the cease-fire, which took effect at 2 午前. 金曜日...

グレッグ・ガットフェルド: NYC Pride parade banning police and law enforcement is nothing to be proud of

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You don't hear about it much. And I also wonder how many minority cops died last year. Better not bring that up. Since caring about their lives, is bigoted too. So where does this delusional nationwide smear of a sel...

Veterans group slams NYC decision to deny permit for Memorial Day march while allowing Cannabis Parade

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James Haynes III, CEO of United Staten Island Veterans Organization Inc., and his attorney Brendan Lantry pointed out that last week’s Cannabis Parade got the green light from the city. Veterans were set to be given...

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