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California school district tells parents their children must eat lunch in the rain due to COVID

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"Rain is forecasted this week which will present an added challenge to our lunch routines," Patwin Elementary School Principal Gay Bourguignon notified parents this week. "DJUSD [Davis Joint Unified School District] ...

Parents and teachers voice concern at Texas school board meeting after Holocaust remark

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Parents and teachers spoke out at the first school board meeting after a North Texas administrator told teachers if they have books about the Holocaust in their classroom libraries, they also need to include books w...

ブライアンランドリー検索: 両親は息子の9月に母親. 1 彼らは用事の長い日に出て行くように帰郷

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それは彼らの息子以来の彼らの最も長い日帰り旅行の1つでした, ブライアン・ランドリー, ギャビー・ペティートの全国的な捜索の最中にレーダーから落ちた. カップルは、火曜日にオープンした直後に、地元のウォルマートストアで約1時間過ごしました。.

In Denver suburbs, parents grapple with equity platform, school board politics

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Douglas County, コロラド, parents told Fox News that school board politics forced them to mobilize for the future of their children’s education. "I think with the pandemic, we were stuck at home with our kids, we ha...

Haley’s Stand for America drops ad blasting McAuliffe for saying parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach

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Stand for America, Haley’s issue advocacy group, is launching a new ad campaign taking aim at McAuliffe for his stance on parental involvement in education. The ad, 権利を与えられた "You’re a Parent," highlights the role par...

Glenn Youngkin: Virginia has been ‘ground zeroin parents standing up for their children

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YOUNGKIN'S CAMPAIGN AD USES MCAULLIFE'S OWN WORDS TO SHOWCASE HIS STANCE AGAINST PARENTS INFLUENCING SCHOOLS GLENN YOUNGKIN: "ローラ, you have shined a very bright light with your good coverage of what has been going ...

China drafts law to punish parents for children’s bad behavior

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BeijingParents in China whose young children exhibit "very bad behavior" or commit crimes could face punishment under proposed new legislation. In the draft of the family education promotion law, guardians will be re...

Children under 10 are using social media. Parents can help them stay safe online

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It's not just your teens who are on social media anymore. Younger kids are getting on those apps, and some parents aren't confident that their children can stay safe online. About half of parents of children ages 1...

担当者. ステファニク & Foxx: デムズはあなたの子供の教育を管理したい. 私たちは両親を運転席に置いています

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ほんの数日後, 教育長官のミゲル・カルドナは、親が子供のための教育プログラムを決定する際の主要な利害関係者であるべきだということを受け入れることを拒否しました. そして先週, 前例のない動きで, ...

ギャビーペティートの母親は、ブライアンランドリーの両親が「ほとんどの情報を知っている」と信じています’ 娘の死について

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プチトのお母さん, ニコルシュミット—そして彼女の父と継父, ジョセフ・プティトとジム・シュミット—参加 "60 Minutesオーストラリア" 彼らのdの背後にある謎を議論するために週末に公開されたインタビューのために。.

カリフォルニアの両親, 教師は、学校のワクチンの義務に抗議するために州全体のストライキを計画しています

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計画された抗議についてのニュースがソーシャルメディアで広まった, 主催者は、親が子供たちを学校から引き離し、抗議を支持する教師とスタッフが家にいることを提案しました. カリフォルニアはtになりました。.


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"私たちはあなたのオフィスによって発行された最近の覚書に関する懸念を表明するために書いています," 4人のメンバーが手紙に書いた, FBIにリーを取るように指示したメモを発行するためのガーランドの動機に疑問を呈する。.

Rikki Schlott: Parents have had a wake-up call about kids and tech. Here’s advice from a Gen Z-er

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Outrage has erupted over revelations that the company possessed research confirming links between social media and a crisis of youth mental health. Nonetheless, Facebook leadership prioritized profit over people, イブ...

Parents sue Minnesota charter school alleging racist behavior

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The parents of several Black and biracial students are suing the operator of a Minnesota charter school on behalf of their children, alleging that the school failed to prevent "人種差別主義者, unfair, hurtful and at times d...

Iowa teen ‘covered in bloodadmits to killing parents with knife and axe, 警察は言う

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Ethan Orton, 17, told Cedar Rapids police officers he killed his parents when they responded to his home just after 2 a.m Thursday following reports of a suspicious person in the area, 部門は言った. He was fou...

FBI raids Detroit house after girl abducted, sexually assaulted in ‘every parent’s nightmare

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"The safety of the victim, 彼女の家族, and our community remain our top priority, along with the appropriate investigation and prosecution of the suspect," Farmington Hills, ミシガン, police Chief Jeff King said in a...

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