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Inside the search for the parents of 545 children separated at the border

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Dora Melara heads into remote parts of Honduras, looking for clues in cases she never imagined would take this long to solve. 때때로, the people she's seeking are nowhere to be found. "There are places where you ...

First grade parents shocked after transgender book: 보고서

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I Am Jazz — a children’s book illustrating the transition of a two-year-old biological boy into a girl — was read to the first grade students of the Bellingham School District, sparking concerns from parents. However...

New e-book aims to help parents ‘combatCRT in schools

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Critics of CRT, which is formally understood as an academic and legal analysis of race recognizing racism as a systemic problem affecting certain areas of society, argue that the movement is divisive in classrooms an...

Betsy DeVos on escalating mask debate: ‘Leave these decisions to parents

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"I think the right answer is that parents really need to be in a position to decide what is best for each of their children," DeVos told "미국의 뉴스 룸." "우리는 알고 있습니다, for some, kids feel more comfortable if th...

Terry McAuliffe의 말은 '부모를 허용하지 마십시오.’ 커리큘럼을 선택하는 것은 그의 '개탄스러운 일'이었습니다.’ 순간: 맥도웰

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그 댓글은 그의 것이 됩니다. "개탄스러운 바구니" 보라색-파란색 상태의 주요 오프-년 레이스의 순간, 말했다 "다섯" 패널리스트 Dagen McDowell – McAuliffe가 공화당 사업가 Glenn You와 마주하는 동안...

Loudoun 카운티 학부모는 교육청을 망치질합니다., 논란에 휩싸인 법무부

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몇 달 동안, 수도 외곽에 있는 학군의 학부모들은 비판적인 인종 이론에 대해 학교 행정관들에게 항의하고 압력을 가했습니다. (브라운관) 가르침과 마스크 명령, 학교 b를 포함하여...

브라이언 런드리 발견: 부모는 아들 자신을 발견하는 것을 놓쳤을 수 있습니다.

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Chris와 Roberta Laundrie가 수요일 일출 전에 집을 떠났을 때, 그 자리에는 두 명의 언론인만이 참석했는데, 폭스 뉴스 디지털 기자는 별도의 차량으로 뒤를 따랐고, 나머지 한 명은 폭스 뉴스 채널 카메라맨이었다..

미시간 학교 총격 사건: 10대 용의자의 부모, 살인 사건 몇 시간 전에 학교 관계자와 만났다

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미시간 학교 총격 용의자 에단 크럼블리, 테러 혐의로 기소, 살인: '단순한 충동적인 행동이 아니다' 에단 크럼블리, 미시간 고등학교에서 총기 난사 혐의로 기소된 15세 용의자, 사죄하지 말라고...

Former education chief: Parents should pull kids out of school before ‘surrenderingthem to remote learning

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"Children come first, not last," Bennett said Thursday on "Fox News Primetime." "They have been a very neglected group over the last couple of years." "There is a certain kind of surrender we are not allowed to pract...

Pennsylvania school board member blasted for ‘appallingmessage to concerned parents

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PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER TELLS PARENTS ‘I DON’T WORK FOR YOU' "People are listening, they are watching, and they're indignant about how their concerns are being dismissed, treated, and mocked," Virginia resid...

13 states sue Biden admin for any communications on FBI surveillance of parents protesting school boards

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Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, a former member of Congress, has taken the lead in the lawsuit against President Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, citing a failure ...

부모님’ rights groups urge Cardona not to ‘rewriteTitle IX by striking due process, adding gender identity

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"We represent parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens across the country who are worried that the forthcoming rule changes are a politicized effort to placate activists," the organizations, spearheaded by Paren...

부모와 헤어진 아이들의 이야기는 홍콩의 코로나바이러스 성공의 대가를 강조합니다

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홍콩 아리엘이 코로나19로 홍콩 병원 병동에 격리된 어린 두 아들을 보았을 때, 그녀는 무너졌다. 형제 -- 나이 5 과 1 그리고 둘 다 무증상 -- 침대에 묶인 조끼를 입고...

Parents outraged as Seattle elementary school near homeless encampment faces break-in, 봉쇄

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One Broadview-Thomson elementary school parent, Bryce Nicolls, 가입 "여우 & 친구" 화요일에, and said that the situation has spiraled "completely out of control" after an unknown man entered the school with ...

의 부모 368 트럼프 행정부에 국경에서 분리된 이주아동은 아직 발견되지 않았다., 법원 서류는 말한다

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Attorneys are still trying to reach the parents of 368 migrant children who had been separated at the US-Mexico border under the Trump administration, ~에서 내려오다 391 지난 달, according to a federal court filing We...

Parents recall agonizing moments before their 7-month-old twins were killed in Tennessee flooding

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The nightmare was only beginning for Matthew Rigney and his partner, Danielle Hall, when floodwaters swept her away from him and their four children Saturday in Middle Tennessee. While Hall clung to a tree, the fath...

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