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Canada’s parliament says China committed genocide against Muslim minorities

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Ottawa Canadian lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a non-binding motion accusing China of committing genocide against its Muslim minorities in the western region of Xinjiang, further straining ties between the tw...

Australian Prime Minister apologizes to former staffer allegedly raped in Parliament office

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Canberra, Australia Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison apologized Tuesday to a former government staffer who alleged that she was raped by a colleague in Parliament House two years ago. Morrison promised an inv...

Ghana sluit die parlement tydelik weens die uitbreek van Covid-19

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Ghana het sy parlement vir drie weke opgeskort weens 'n uitbraak in Covid-19 onder parlementslede en personeel. "ek het, in oorleg met die leierskap, besluit dat die sitting van die huis opgeskort word ...

Māori lawmaker ejected from New Zealand parliament for refusing to wear a ‘colonial noose

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Wellington, New ZealandA New Zealand Māori leader who was ejected from parliament this week for refusing to wear a necktie in the chamber said forcing him to a Western dress code was a breach of his rights and an att...

Axe-wielding man smashes New Zealand Parliament building doors

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A man smashed the glass front doors of New Zealand's Parliament building with an axe early on Wednesday morning, according to authorities in the country. Police officers were called to the scene in the capital Welli...

Duitse parlement om veiligheid te bevorder ná onluste in die Amerikaanse Capitol: verslae

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sluit Video 'Ons is meer as voorbereid' vir moontlike veiligheidskwessies tydens inhuldiging: Die waarnemende DHS-adjunk-sekretaris van die DHS, Ken Cuccinelli, bespreek die voorbereidings onder federale en plaaslike agente..

Thousands of people march in Nepal in bid to dissolve parliament

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Thousands of opponents of Nepal's Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli marched through the streets of Kathmandu on Tuesday urging him to reverse his decision to dissolve parliament and call for early elections. The protes...

Bhutan parliament decriminalizes homosexuality, to delight of activists

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Kathmandu, NepalA joint sitting of both houses of Bhutan's parliament approved a bill on Thursday to legalize gay sex, making the tiny Himalayan kingdom the latest Asian nation to take steps towards easing restrictio...

Iranian parliament advances bill to stop UN inspections of nuclear facilities

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sluit video se topopskrifte vir Desember 1 Iran’s parliament Tuesday advanced a bill that would end U.N. inspections of its nuclear facilities and require the government to boost its uranium enrichment if Euro...

Houses of Parliament (Great Britain) Vinnige feite

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Here's some background information about Great Britain's Houses of Parliament, located on the Thames River in London. Facts The meeting place of Great Britain's bicameral legislature - composed of the House of Comm...

Convicted murderer on death row sworn in by Sri Lankan Parliament

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Colombo, Sri Lanka A convicted murderer on death row was sworn in as a Sri Lankan lawmaker Tuesday, after a court ruled that he could not be barred from the country's 225-member Parliament. Lawmakers from the United...