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‘Tiger MomAmy Chua denies allegations of inappropriate parties, slams disrespect and lack of due process

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The law school professor, famously known as Tiger Mom, also stated that she couldn’t imagine that any other member of the faculty would be treated the way she had been in response to the allegations. According to the...

Airbnb will block one-night reservations on Halloween in a bid to stop parties that could spread the coronavirus

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Looking forward to throwing a Halloween party at the end of the month? Wel, don't expect to rent an Airbnb to host it. The company announced on Friday that it is banning one-night Airbnb reservations over the Hallo...

Oproepe groei vir die departement van buitelandse sake om vakansiepartytjies te kanselleer weens die toename in Covid-19

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Daar word toenemend gevra dat Mike Pompeo, die minister van buitelandse sake, 'n aantal beplande vakansiegeleenthede moet kanselleer te midde van die daaglikse rekordtellings van Covid-19 in die Verenigde State.. Publieke gesondheidskenners het ...

Democrat-turned-GOP congressman who switched parties over impeachment holds on to seat

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Democrat-turned Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who last year abruptly switched parties and pledged his "undying support" to President Donald Trump, has won reelection, CNN-projekte, defeating Democrat Amy Kennedy, a ...

Huis Republikeine omkeer verbod op oormerk, deur na beide partye oop te maak deur gebruik te maak van die voorheen verbode praktyk

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Huisrepublieke het Woensdag gestem om hul konferensiewye verbod op oormerke te keer, volgens twee bronne wat vertroud is met die stemming, 'n verandering te merk nadat die bestedingspraktyk 'n dekade lank verbied is. Die...

Maryland man sentenced to 1 year in jail for holding large parties, violating state’s Covid-19 rules

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A Maryland man was sentenced to a year in jail for holding two large parties and violating the state's order against large gatherings, according to the Charles County state's attorney's office. Shawn Marshall Myer...

New Year’s Eve parties involving hundreds in NYC busted for violating Covid-19 rules

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The New York City Sheriff's office raided three large gatherings during New Year's Eve and the early hours of New Year's Day, Sheriff Joseph Fucito told CNN. One celebration in Queens had in excess of 300 patrons, w ...

Pandemic inauguration could cut the choir, standing-room-only parties and maybe the historic lunch

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Outside President Donald Trump's bedroom window on the north side of the White House is the sound of building: hammers, drills, the beep-beep of trucks backing up and metal planks clanking into place. Construction ...

Pompeo bied vakansiepartytjies by die staatsdepartement te midde van koronavirus-spykers aan

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Die minister van buitelandse sake, Mike Pompeo, het die komende weke honderde gaste na die staatsdepartement genooi vir vakansie-onthale, ondanks waarskuwings van gesondheidskenners dat Amerikaners groot gate moet vermy..

Tampa officials condemn weekend Super Bowl parties

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The Super Bowl this weekend brought fanfare and celebrities to Tampa, Florida, to the discomfort of city officials. Rapper 50 Cent and DJ Steve Aoki hosted their own parties, drawing many unmasked attendees in indo...

Undercover video sparks outrage over secret dinner parties for Paris elite

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An undercover report showing members of the Paris elite enjoying secret dinner parties in luxury restaurants and flouting Covid-19 restrictions has sparked fury in France, and prompted the city's prosecutor to launc...

Virginia’s off-year elections could pose key test for both parties

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Richmond, Virginia A 16-year political shift has transformed the Commonwealth of Virginia from a solidly red state to a blue one. Democrats in the state now control all levers of power -- the Governor's mansion, en ...