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Biden’s partisan divide as wide as Trump’s: peiling

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Biden stands at 54% approval and 41% disapproval in a national poll released Wednesday by Monmouth University. That's pretty close to Biden's 55% approval and 40% disapproval in an average of the latest presidential ...

Joe dop: When is ‘partisan’60 Minutesgoing to cover Cuomo scandals?

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CBS GOES DARK ON DESANTIS, AVOIDS MENTIONING '60 MINUTES' REPORT ON MORNING, EVENING NEWS PROGRAMS JOE CONCHA: [60 Minute] is intending to shape a narrative. They had a plan going into that press conference with Ron...

Sy. Tuberville calls out ‘disappointing partisan slantin military training materials

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Tuberville said the materials, designed to educate the ranks about extremism, exhibit a "disappointing partisan slant" by implying only "certain political thoughts are welcome." "Byvoorbeeld, the Navy’s training deck...

Liz Peek: Biden’s partisan presidency – Dems too far left to reach across the aisle. Hier is hoekom

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America – we have been duped, weer. Just like Barack Obama in 2008, Biden campaigned on a promise to bring the country together and to "work across the aisle." En, just like Obama, Biden has done nothing of the s...

March Madness: How college basketball bridges the partisan divide

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If you're like me, you've filled out an NCAA college basketball tournament bracket. Many Americans do, and it seems that taking part in the fun is one of the least controversial things you can do. There's a good re...

Democrats open to partisan balance on Jan. 6 commission, but panel’s scope still a sticking point

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Congressional Democrats said Thursday that they would be open to an even partisan split for a commission to investigate the January 6 aanval op die Amerikaanse Capitol, but a dispute over the panel's scope remained a key sti...

Die aarseling van die entstof van Covid-19 verdeel gevaarlik volgens partydige lyne

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Die vermoë om ten minste die koronavirus in Amerika te bevat sodat dit so gou moontlik hanteerbaar is, sal grootliks neerkom op Amerikaners se bereidwilligheid om ingeënt te word.. Die goeie nuus is dat meer ...

GOP U. Rob Portman won’t run for reelection, saying it’s difficult to ‘break through the partisan gridlock

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Republikeinse sen. Rob Portman of Ohio announced Monday that he will not run for reelection after his current term in office ends in 2022, saying in a statement that the entrenched partisan gridlock in Washington was a...