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Ukraine’s Air Force has added about 20 more operational aircraft after influx of spare parts, senior US defense official says

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The Ukrainian Air Force has added about 20 more operational aircraft to its fleet because of an influx of spare parts, according to a senior US defense official. Though the official wouldn't specify which country ha...

Partes del mundo se dirigen hacia un apocalipsis de insectos, estudio sugiere

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El uso extremo de la tierra combinado con el aumento de las temperaturas está empujando a los ecosistemas de insectos al colapso en algunas partes del mundo, científicos informaron el miércoles. El estudio, publicado en la revista Nature, identificado para...

Parts of New Mexico under evacuation orders as McBride Fire grows to more than 6,000 hectáreas

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The deadly McBride Fire in southern New Mexico grew to more than 6,100 acres Saturday and evacuation orders remained in place in several areas, los funcionarios dijeron. The blaze, burning in Lincoln County, started four days...

Tornado conditions possible in parts of Mississippi and Alabama as storm heads east, potentially bringing high winds and hail

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The forceful storm that flattened buildings in a northwest Arkansas city Wednesday is taking aim Thursday at parts of Mississippi and Alabama, where some areas are being warned of the potential for dangerous tornado...

Evacuation orders in place as blazes burn through parts of central Texas

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Evacuation orders were in place across parts of several central Texas counties late Thursday as crews worked to contain the flames in dangerous fire weather -- fueled by strong winds and dry conditions. The wildfir...

Drought in West and other parts of US will continue and expand in coming months, NOAA reports

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The West's intense multi-year drought is expected to at least continue — if not worsen — in the coming months, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday in its spring outlook. For the se...

Parts of Texas are under ‘extremely criticalfire weather risk todaythe highest threat level

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Parts of Texas are under an extreme fire threat on Thursday, according to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). Winds of 25-35 mph and gusts to 45 mph combined with very dry conditions create the threat. The highest wi...

NYC convicted killer, 83, arrested after allegedly dumping body parts, human head found in apartment

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Harvey Marcelin, a parolee who has spent more than 50 years in state prison, was charged with concealment of a body, the NYPD confirmed to FOX5 New York. Police said more charges are expected. COLORADO POLICE INVESTI...

Tropical Cyclone Gombe is due to rapidly intensify before bringing parts of Mozambique several monthsworth of rain over just a few days

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Tropical Cyclone Gombe is expected to rapidly intensify over the next 24 horas, growing to the equivalent of a major hurricane before making landfall Friday in northern Mozambique. Gombe is forecast to soak northern...

A mix of ice and snow could bring dangerous road conditions across parts of Northeast with 15 million under weather warnings

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A winter storm threatening to bring heavy snow and ice to parts of the Northeast on Friday has already prompted hundreds of flight cancellations and school delays as 15 million people are under weather alerts. El p ...

How Black archives are highlighting overlooked parts of history and culture

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To scroll through We The Diaspora is to meditate on the mundanities of Black life. Vintage photos show Black people splashing around in water, dancing in a nightclub, kissing their partner on a balcony. Portraits c...

El asalto ocurrió en Mesa alrededor 2.5 años en prisión

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El asalto ocurrió en Mesa alrededor, 67, El asalto ocurrió en Mesa alrededor, Washington, El asalto ocurrió en Mesa alrededor $ 50,000 El asalto ocurrió en Mesa alrededor. El asalto ocurrió en Mesa alrededor. El asalto ocurrió en Mesa alrededor, El asalto ocurrió en Mesa alrededor.

Triple whammy of snow, ice and sleet in store for parts of the South and Midwest

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Caught in the path of the storm? Use CNN's lite site for low bandwidth. A massive storm pummeling a large swath of the US has already dumped heavy snow and continues to threaten the parts of the country Thursday wit...

Hombre acusado de asesinato después de que la policía de Las Vegas encontrara una cabeza cortada y otras partes del cuerpo en la parte trasera de un camión robado

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Un hombre que conducía en el área de Las Vegas con la cabeza cortada en la parte trasera de un camión presuntamente robado fue acusado de asesinato, según denuncia penal. Eric Holland fue arrestado en diciembre 24, el complai ...

Se acerca la primera nevada del invierno en partes del sur y medio Atlántico de EE. UU.

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Se pronostica la primera nevada de la temporada de invierno para algunas áreas del Atlántico Sur y Medio el domingo y el lunes.. Las alertas de clima invernal están vigentes desde el este de Texas hasta Tennessee y hasta el Atlántico Medio..

With new statewide record, parts of Alaska were warmer than Southern California last weekend

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This holiday season has been quite unseasonal, at least as far as temperatures go. The South has been running 35 grados por encima de lo normal. In the North, temperatures have been 25 degrees below normal. But Alaska may ha...

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