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House Progressives urge Biden to pass ‘bold’ $6T spending plan without GOP support

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Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the liberal House caucus, said progressives want a $ 6 trillion to $ 10 trillion plan – far more than the $ 4 trillion President Biden initially proposed – and urged the president to...

Illinois lawmakers pass a bill banning police from deceiving juvenile suspects during interrogations

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Police in Illinois could soon be banned from lying to juvenile suspects during questioning. The Illinois state legislature approved a bill on Sunday prohibiting law enforcement officers from using deception tactics ...

Baltimore students who failed classes this year will still pass, school board says

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Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Sonja Santelises made the announcement during a virtual Tuesday board meeting. "As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 skooljaar, we all recognize that students have experienced i...

Pete Hegseth’s Memorial Day message: Do something to remember the fallen and pass it on to your kids

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Q: How can Americans best honor Memorial Day? A: I think the best way to honor Memorial Day is to live worthy of the sacrifice that others made for our freedom. I think that’s a daily thing. It’s not just one day, O ...

Canada expected to pass US on first dose Covid vaccinations as demand declines among Americans

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After a devastating lack of vaccine supply earlier this year and a punishing third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Canada is set to catch up to and even surpass the United States this week in the percentage of peo...

Sam Houston State wins FCS title with game-winning TD pass with 16 seconds left

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Schmid’s touchdown pass to Adeyi came after two fourth-down conversions on the final drive. Sam Houston State would upset South Dakota State for its first Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) national title. CLICK...

Campos-Duffy slams Kamala Harris’ border absence: Media giving her ‘free pass’

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RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: Terloops, look at those images, ek bedoel, so much for, jy weet, all the pandemic panic. We're in the middle of this pandemic supposedly, and there's another variant in Brazil. And this is what w...

Keisha Lance Bottoms on not seeking reelection: It’s ‘time to pass the baton on to someone else

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A day after announcing her plans not to seek reelection, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said Friday that it's "time to pass the baton on to someone else." "The decision that I have made after thoughtful prayer a...

Texas House verwag om Vrydag die wetsontwerp op die opknapping van die verkiesing te aanvaar

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Die Huis van Verteenwoordigers in Texas sal na verwagting Vrydag 'n wetsontwerp op die hersiening van die verkiesing aanvaar wat nuwe beperkings en boetes vir die stemme sal toevoeg, die nuutste poging in 'n rits republieke-gedrewe inisiatiewe landwyd..

Keselowski claims 6th win at Talladega with overtime pass

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Keselowski is the ninth driver to win through 10 NASCAR Cup races this season and avenged the embarrassing Team Penske gaffe in the season-opening Daytona 500 when he and teammate Joey Logano triggered a last-lap cra...

UK lawmakers pass motion saying China committing genocide

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The motion is non-binding and does not compel the British government to act. But it is another move signaling the growing outcry among U.K. politicians over alleged human rights abuses in China. The motion was moved ...

Tomi lahren: Waters, Biden essentially gave prospective rioters ‘a pass to go wildif Chauvin acquitted

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Vroeër in die week, Waters, 82, flew to the Twin Cities to join protesters in Brooklyn Center, Minn. "We're looking for a guilty verdict... If nothing does not happen, then we know that we got to not only stay in th...

Biden se valse opmerkings oor agtergrondondersoeke op geweervertonings kry 'n pas van sommige feitekontroleurs

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Tydens 'n toespraak in die Rose Garden, Biden het 'n dikwels herhaalde aanspraak deur voorstanders van die wapenbeheer oor die sg "geweer skuiwergat." "Die meeste mense weet nie, jy loop by 'n winkel in en jy koop 'n geweer, jy het 'n bac ...

Recreational marijuana will be legal in New York after lawmakers pass bill. Cuomo says he’ll sign it

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday he plans to sign a bill that would allow recreational marijuana use after the state Senate and Assembly voted to approve the legislation. Senate Bill S854A passed the Sen...

Infrastructure timeline emerges as Biden aims to pass sweeping package this summer

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President Joe Biden is aiming to pass his sweeping infrastructure and jobs proposal this summer, a senior White House official told CNN, setting an ambitious timeline to achieve his next major legislative goal. Die...

Transgender rights in the spotlight as Arkansas and Tennessee become latest states to pass anti-trans legislation

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LGBTQ advocates are warning that the influx of anti-transgender legislation being proposed in many states nationwide could have significant negative repercussions for trans youth. Twenty-eight states are considering...

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