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Uber driver who got a hotel room for teen passenger after being stuck on I-95 gets offered a new job

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DaVante Williams was just focused on getting his teenage passenger home safely to her parents during the more than five hours they were stuck on Interstate 95 in Virginia along with countless other vehicles. The par...

Spirit Airlines passenger indicted after allegedly drinking, assaulting flight attendants

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Amanda Henry, 43, of Lebanon, surrendered Wednesday to FBI agents, die VSA. Attorney’s Office Middle District of Tennessee says. She risks up to 20 years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine if convicted on a charge of in...

FBI LA investigating after Carnival cruise ship passenger goes overboard; Woman remains missing 3 dae later

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Die passasier, who has been described only as a woman in her mid-20s, was aboard the Carnival Miracle cruise ship around 3:30 am. Saturday when she went overboard near Ensenada, Mexiko. The woman or her remains were...

Delta-vliegtuig maak 'n noodlanding nadat passasier lugwaardin en lugwagter aangerand het, sê die polisie

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'n Delta-vlug vanaf Washington, DC, na Los Angeles het Donderdagaand 'n noodlanding in Oklahoma City vereis nadat 'n passasier na bewering twee mense aangerand het, owerhede gesê. "Die passasier het 'n f...

Ten minste 46 killed in passenger bus fire in Bulgaria

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Ten minste 46 people have died after a passenger bus caught fire on a highway in western Bulgaria, volgens staatsmedia. At least seven people were injured in the incident, which occurred around 3 am. local time...

Passenger on plane arriving at Miami airport opens emergency exit, walks onto wing

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A passenger on a flight from Colombia used an emergency exit and walked out onto the wing of the plane at the Miami International Airport on Wednesday evening, Miami-Dade Police said. The plane had just landed and ...

A second Qatar Airways passenger flight has arrived in Kabul

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A second Qatar Airways passenger flight arrived in Kabul airport on Friday, Qatari-owned Al Jazeera Arabic television showed. After landing on the tarmac, aid was seen being unloaded from the plane. It is unclear a...

Missouri taxi driver kills passenger, wounds self during altercation on interstate

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A driver with Laclede Cab in St. Louis County and the passenger got into a scuffle around 4 vm., prompting the driver to stop on Interstate 55, KMOV-TV reported. Tydens die voorval, the driver pulled out a gun and...

Spirit Airlines passenger who smoked cigarette on plane escorted off by police: video

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Alexa Majdalawi, 31, was sitting directly behind the woman on a Spirit Airlines flight from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale when they landed around midnight Tuesday, het sy aan Fox News gesê. The plane took an hour to make its w...

Alyssa Milano passasier in motorongeluk nadat haar oom 'n mediese voorval gehad het terwyl sy bestuur het

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Alyssa Milano was Dinsdag in 'n motorongeluk. Die aktrise was ongedeerd, maar haar oom, wie bestuur het, is na die hospitaal geneem. Volgens 'n verslag van die California Highway Patrol [WKK] verkry deur CNN, de ...

Whale slams into fishing boat, knocking passenger into water and leaving hole in the hull

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A fishing boat had to call for help after it had an encounter with a whale off the coast of Rhode Island. Volgens getuies, the larger animal was participating in a feeding frenzy when it slammed into the boat....

17-year-old passenger was fatally shot in a possible road rage incident after a Houston Astros game

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A 17-year-old died Thursday after a possible road rage incident that followed a major league baseball game in Houston, volgens amptenare. Police spokesperson Jodi Silva said authorities are investigating the ...

GM killing CD players in its passenger vehicles

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General Motors will no longer offer compact disc players in any of its passenger vehicles starting with the 2022 model jaar, GM Authority reports, so you can finally ditch the sun visor CD rack. The automaker is drop...

Daar word op die bestuurder van Texas Lyft geskiet nadat hy 'n passasier by 'n woonstelkompleks opgetel het

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Die 29-jarige manlike bestuurder het uit die woonstelkompleks naby NE Loop getrek 410 en Broadway op San Antonio se Northside toe hy geweerskote hoor lui en sy voertuig slaan, Die polisie in San Antonio het aan Fox News v..

Med students rescue passenger mid-flight during medical emergency

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Two med students jumped into action when a fellow passenger had a medical emergency on mid-flight on a trip to Greece. Gelukkig, the young women used their skills to get the situation under control. Die ...

A passenger tried to breach the cockpit of a Delta flight to Nashville, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing

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A passenger attempted to breach the cockpit of a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Nashville on Friday, forcing the plane to make an emergency stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, volgens amptenare. Die ...

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