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Un hombre fue arrestado después de supuestamente exponerse a un asistente de vuelo y pasajeros de Delta

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Un hombre fue arrestado por supuestamente crear múltiples disturbios y exponerse a una azafata y pasajeros durante un vuelo de Delta Air Lines.. En un vuelo de ocho horas desde Dublín, Irlanda a Ne ...

A Texas deputy chasing a suspect in his vehicle collides with another car, killing its driver and injuring child passengers

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A Harris County, Texas, deputy pursuing a robbery suspect in his vehicle was involved in a collision with another vehicle Wednesday night that killed its driver and injured two child passengers, Houston police said....

Amtrak passengers endured a 30-hour delay in Virginia after fallen trees blocked the track during winter storm

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Amtrak passengers traveling through Virginia were delayed for about 30 hours Monday night after trees downed during a winter storm blocked the train's path. Sobre 120 passengers were on the Crescent Train 20 when i...

Greg Gutfeld: Here’s my advice for airlines dealing with unruly passengers

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A sampling today from wastewater facilities in Florida found that 100 percent of them contained the omicron strain, meaning it was in everyone’s poop. Now I know that sounds bad, except that when it comes to people ...

FAA referido 37 'revoltoso’ pasajeros al FBI para revisión criminal

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Las aerolíneas han experimentado un fuerte aumento de incidentes violentos, no solo entre pasajeros, sino también con algunos pasajeros que atacan al personal de la aerolínea. Más reciente, Las autoridades arrestaron el lunes a un hombre de California y lo acusaron..

Judge Jeanine slams train passengers who recorded woman being raped: ‘Total disintegration of society’

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"This speaks to the disintegration of a society. It is a culture that is non-feeling, dehumanizing victims when we are literally seeing them in front of us," Pirro said on "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos." Pirro noted that two f...

Estadounidenses entre más de 350 pasajeros que partieron de Kabul en vuelo de evacuación el domingo

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Uno de los vuelos de evacuación más grandes partió de Kabul el domingo con un número desconocido de estadounidenses a bordo y se dirige a Doha., un alto funcionario del gobierno de Qatar le dice a CNN. El noveno vuelo de evacuación de ...

Four train passengers are hurt in Amtrak crash with truck in Oklahoma

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An Amtrak train struck a truck near Thackerville, Oklahoma, el viernes, injuring four train passengers, a spokesperson for Amtrak told CNN. Amtrak Train 822 was running between Fort Worth, Texas, and Oklahoma City, O ...

‘Huge problem’: Passengers are bringing a record number of guns to the airport, TSA says

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Airline passengers are bringing guns to the airport in numbers never seen before, and it is a "huge problem," the Transportation Security Administration chief told CNN. Security and law enforcement officials are at...

Passengers aboard American Eagle flight deplaned due to ‘potential security threatat LaGuardia Airport

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An American Eagle flight arriving at New York City's LaGuardia Airport on Saturday afternoon was deplaned on the tarmac due to a potential security issue, according to a statement from American Airlines. The flight,...

FAA proposes more than $500,000 in new fines against unruly airline passengers

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Federal authorities are proposing more than a half-million dollars in new fines against commercial airline passengers they say refused to wear masks, hit flight attendants and even threw luggage across the cabin. Th ...

Southwest boots mother and daughter from flight for yelling at passengers to get aisle seat: testigo

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The unidentified duo were boarding a flight from Sacramento to San Diego on July 15 when the incident was recorded by a passenger on TikTok. The flight had already been delayed two hours and was almost full when the ...

Unruly flyers means passengers must be ready to ‘take actionaccording to one former air marshal

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Stephens told host Jesse Watters that even before the recent trend of unruly passengers in the sky, she had begun self-defense training. "I started training before all of this went haywire because there have always ...

Elon Musk’s Loop drivers reportedly given scripted responses for passengers

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Jimmy Failla: 6 fun rules for flying as unruly passengers, fights and more make air travel crazier than ever

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Según un informe reciente, the Federal Aviation Administration has logged 3,400 reports of unruly passengers this year. Most people attribute the spike in smack downs to increased mask policing and residual rage f...

Passengers trapped inside submerged subway as deadly floods sweep central China

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Terrified subway passengers in central China were left clinging to ceiling handles inside flooded cars on Tuesday, trapped up to their necks in rising water, as record breaking rains devastated parts of Henan provin...

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