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Patriots terminate Julian Edelman’s contract following failed physical

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Wide receiver Julian Edelman, a former Super Bowl MVP, had his contract terminated by the Patriots after he reportedly failed his physical. Met slegs 21 receptions for 315 yards in 2020, he would have had a $ 6.1 ek ...

Patriotte’ Julian Edelman unlikely to play in 2021 seisoen: verslag doen

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According to the Boston Herald, Edelman is uncertain to play this year due to a knee injury. Edelman, once a Super Bowl MVP, began his career with the New England Patriots in 2009. He was a key piece to three champio...

Red Sox make drastic PatriotsDay-inspired uniform change

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There will be distinct changes made to the uniforms. Die "B" on the players' and coaches’ hats will be featured on a light blue hat. The primary color of the uniform is yellow. The front will still say "Boston" and t...

Virginia gubernatorial candidate who called US Capitol rioters ‘patriotscensured by state Senate

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Washington The Virginia Senate voted Wednesday to censure state Sen. Amanda Chase, a Republican who is a candidate for governor, following her comments earlier this month referring to the rioters who stormed the US C...

NFL’s Titans and Patriots report no new positive Covid-19 tests

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The NFL reported no new positive Covid-19 tests for the Titans or Patriots on Monday. Die nuus, which the league confirmed to CNN, comes on the heels of a Patriots player testing positive Sunday, which led to the po...

Cam Newton of the New England Patriots tests positive for Covid-19, verslae sê

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New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton has tested positive for Covid-19, according to reports from NFL Network and ESPN, which cited league sources. Both outlets reported Newton has been placed on the Covid-19 ...