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Dolphins trading DeVante Parker to division rival New England Patriots

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The move sends Parker and a 2022 fifth-round pick to AFC East rival New England in exchange for a 2023 third-round pick, ESPN berig. Parker is now arguably the most talented player in a Patriots receiving room tha...

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy knocks Tom Brady for snubbing Patriots in retirement post

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DAVE PORTNOY: I've calmed down a little bit. … He's had so many memories and he's done so much for the community and he's a part of Boston. I've decided to give him till after his Hall of Fame speech. But if he does ...

Tom Brady retires: Patriotte, Robert Kraft express gratitude following QB’s retirement announcement

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Op Dinsdag, the Patriots offered their final farewell after Brady confirmed he would be stepping away from the game for good. Team owner Robert Kraft expressed his gratitude for Brady – an under-the-radar quarterbac...

Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak: Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak

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"Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak, Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak," Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak. "Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak, Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak. Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak.

Bills rout Patriots behind Josh Allen’s five touchdown passes

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Allen and the Bills had their feet on the gas pedal early and did not let up the entire game. The star quarterback found Dawson Knox two times in the first quarter to take the lead and running back Devin Singletary f...

Patriotte’ Kendrick Bourne hit with sex toy after scoring touchdown vs Bills

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Bourne caught Mac Jones’ first career playoff touchdown on 4th-and-goal with 4:12 remaining in the third. Bourne found himself in the back of the end zone all alone when he caught the pass. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORT ...

Patriotte’ Bill Belichick unbothered by incoming weather ahead of playoff game: ‘It is what it is out there

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Looming over the game at Highmark Stadium is the wicked weather that’s supposed to strike the Buffalo area by kickoff. According to FOX Weather, temps in Buffalo could reach 10 degrees while the wind chill could make...

Dolphins top Patriots 33-24 in regular-season finale

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Xavien Howard returned an interception for a touchdown and Johnson had a touchdown run for Miami (9-8), which finished with a winning record for the second consecutive season and...

Patriots blow past Jaguars, earn playoff berth

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The victory by the Patriots (10-6) snapped a two-game losing streak and gave Bill Belichick his 20th 10-win season as a head coach, tying Don Shula for the most in NFL history. A loss by Miami at Tennessee secured Ne...

Patriotte’ Bill Belichick antwoord uiteindelik soort van nuwejaarsvoorneme-vraag

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Juliet Pennington van die Boston Globe is geïdentifiseer as die verslaggewer wat Sondag aanvanklik die vraag aan Belichick gevra het ná die Patriots se verlies teen die Buffalo Bills. Die interaksie tussen die twee Vrydag w...

Patriots have built a reputation under Bill Belichick that has betrayed them lately

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— They improve throughout the season and play their best football late, usually in December. — They have always — always! — authored their defensive game plan around the idea of taking away what the opponent does bes...

Bill Belichick dodges odd New Year’s resolutions question after Patriotsloss to Bills

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Belichick was doing his usual shtick with the media after the game. He gave short answers, appearing to show he was frustrated after the game. But one reporter took a shot in the dark and tried to get Belichick to de...

Wetsontwerpe’ Jordan Poyer taunts columnist after beating Patriots: ‘What the f—k’s he got to say?’

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Poyer’s first reaction wasn’t about beating the Patriots. It was about shoving the win into sports columnist Jerry Sullivan’s face. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Jordan Poyer (21) of the Buffalo Bi...

Allen’s 3 TD's, McKenzie’s big day push Bills past Patriots

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With the victory, Buffels (9-6) now holds tiebreakers over the Patriots and Dolphins, and is in the driver’s seat to win its second straight division title. Allen finished 30 van 47 slaag vir 314 erwe, and he also r...

Wetsontwerpe’ Stefon Diggs has expletive-laced message for Patriots fans after touchdown catch

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In die tweede kwartaal, Bills quarterback Josh Allen found Diggs for a 12-yard touchdown pass to go up 17-7 on their divisional rivals in a game that could determine who wins the AFC East. As Diggs celebrated the touc...

Patriotte’ Bill Belichick vra die media om verskoning omdat hy 'kort' is’ tydens perskonferensie ná verlies teen Colts

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Belichick het Maandagoggend 'n virtuele perskonferensie begin deur sy perskonferensie van die naweek toe te spreek waar hy blykbaar elke vraag met "ons het nie goed gespeel nie." BUCS SE TOM BRADY LYK NA CU...

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