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Arizona-grenspatrollie in hegtenis geneem 88 migrante, meestal onbegeleide kinders: agent

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Tucson Sektor Grenspatrollie-agente het die groep naby Sasabe teëgekom, Arizona - 'n gehuggie net 'n entjie van die suidelike grens af. Die party het hoofsaaklik uit Guatemalaanse burgers bestaan. Die groep het ingesluit 88 mense, sewe...

Georgia authorities release body camera footage after woman dies following fall from patrol car

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Georgia authorities released body camera footage Friday of an incident from earlier this month where a mother experiencing what her family called a mental health crisis died due to a fatal injury while in police cus...

California busts by Customs and Border Patrol seize nearly 500 packages of meth, fentanyl in five days

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The seizures took place between July 13 and July 17 at the Calexico Port of Entry, Amerikaanse. Doeane- en grensbeskerming (CBP) said in a press release. Narcotics seized by CBP. (CBP) Calexico CBP off...

Arizona Border Patrol agents arrest two American citizens for smuggling Mexican immigrants, drugs into US

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"Tucson Station agents responded to Sasabe, AZ, after border camera operators spotted suspected criminal activity," Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson Sector John Modlin tweeted Saturday. Modlin a...

Biden’s climate speech cancer confusion, Border Patrol agents rip Mayorkas claim and more top headlines

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‘THEY ARE LIARS’ - Border Patrol agents slam Mayorkas' latest shocking claim about security. Continue reading … UP IN ARMS - Media downplays ‘Good Samaritan’ narrative in mall shooting. Continue reading … ‘WHO DOES ...

Biden’s assault on Border Patrol agents continues even though they were exonerated

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In lockstep with the mainstream media, the Biden administration immediately amplified a lie that the Border Patrol agents were whipping the illegal aliens. President Joe Biden said, "It’s horrible what you saw. To se...

CNN, MSNBC fail to cover on air CBP finding ‘no evidenceBorder Patrol agents whipped Haitian migrants

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CNN, MSNBC, and NBC all declined to cover the story on air from Friday when the news broke through Tuesday morning, according to a review of transcripts conducted by Fox News Digital. CBS briefly mentioned the story ...

Biden, political leaders should apologize to Border Patrol agents proven not to have whipped migrants: Paxton

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Greg Gutfeld: The real offensive language was comparing border patrol agents to slave owners

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BORDER PATROL AGENTS FUME AS DHS PREPARES TO PUNISH OFFICERS CAUGHT UP IN ‘WHIP’ CONTROVERSY: ‘BULL----’ GREG GUTFELD: Dit is, jy weet, right up there with two plus two equals five and Orwell's "1984." It's like "EN...

Border Patrol agents in Texas discover migrants smuggled inside toolboxes at checkpoint

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El Paso Border Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez said a "ruthless smuggler" had locked the migrants in the metal toolboxes and were transporting them in "extreme summer heat."

Florida Highway Patrol arrests two men in two days in separate human smuggling cases

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The Florida Highway Patrol arrested two people this week for smuggling others into the state, according to incident reports from the agency. A trooper in Sumter County on Wednesday pulled over a Ford Explorer with a...

Texas Border Patrol agents nab convicted sex offenders entering US illegally

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Agents assigned to the Del Rio Sector encountered a group of migrants around 9:15 am. The migrants were walking in the brush hoping to not be seen by Border Patrol, according to a U.S. Doeane- en grensbeskerming ...

Border patrol ‘heartbrokenover dead migrants in big rig; blame Biden for overwhelming them: wetgewer

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Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, who represents nearby New Braunfels, showed Fox News a photo of a prior truck being x-rayed at a border crossing – where agents discovered migrants similarly being smuggled in its rig. HILLARY...

Border Patrol Union says Biden admin ‘must accept responsibility’ after dozens of migrants killed in trailer

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"Add 46 to the Biden/Harris/Mayorkas/Garland death toll. Not one word from any of them about enforcing our laws & securing our border," the National Border Patrol Council said in a tweet. "This administration &am...

Dogs in bomb-detecting harnesses help NYPD patrol the city

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The technology is called TREDD, which stands for "Transit Enhanced Detection Dog." It takes the idea of the bomb-sniffing dog to a whole new level. TREDD is an advanced explosive detection system. It pairs canines t...

At the southern border: Dozens of migrants detained as Border Patrol contends with the nightly influx

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In the course of just a few hours on the southern border Thursday night, dozens of migrants were detained, clothes and personal items were left at a migrant landing spot on the Rio Grande and a drone likely belonging...

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