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WrestleMania 37 viewers praise and mock Logan Paul for ‘sellingbig hit that left him face-down on the mat

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The YouTube celebrity and boxer appeared as a special guest of wrestler Sami Zayn for his big match against Owens on night two of the popular annual entertainment spectacle. The duo had teased a somewhat one-sided fr...

Floyd Mayweather will box YouTuber Logan Paul in February

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Retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced Sunday he will return to the ring in a "super exhibition" against YouTuber Logan Paul. The match is scheduled for February 20, 2021, according to a post from Fl...

Why won’t Rand Paul just wear a mask?

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Watching the Senate impeachment trial, you might have noticed something: There's one senator never wearing a mask despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That one senator is Rand Paul of Kentucky. Paul has long ta...

Kristin Smart case: Paul Flores, prime suspect, arrested nearly 25 years after her disappearance, verslae sê

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Flores was taken into custody by San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s officials, the Los Angeles Times and local station KSBY-TV reported. SEARCH UNDERWAY FOR MISSING LSU FRESHMAN AFTER CAR WAS FOUND ABANDONED Flores’ f...

LEES: Rep. Paul Mitchell se brief om die GOP te beëindig, vrees 'langtermyn skade aan ons demokrasie’ met sy steun vir Trump se optrede

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Republikeinse Rep. Michigan. Paul Mitchell het aan CNN gesê dat sy afkeer en teleurstelling met die pogings van president Donald Trump om die uitslag van die verkiesing omver te werp, daartoe gelei het dat hy die klerk van die huis moet c..

Brandskade tydens 'n somerkamp wat Paul Newman vir siek kinders in Connecticut begin het

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Owerhede ondersoek 'n brand wat uitgebreek het in 'n somerkamp wat deur oorlede akteur Paul Newman vir ernstige siek kinders en hul gesinne ontstaan ​​het.. Connecticut-staatstroepe en die vuur & Ontploffing Inves ...

Paul Rudd, ‘certified young person,’ wants you to wear a mask

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Paul Rudd wants you to be a "bae" and wear a mask. The 51-year-old actor filmed a public service announcement at the behest of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as part of the "Mask Up, Amerika" veldtog. Daarin, Rudd dons ...

YouTuber Jake Paul denies sexual assault allegations made by TikTok star Justine Paradise

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In a video released Friday on YouTube, Paradise detailed how the aspiring professional boxer allegedly forced her into having oral sex in July 2019 at his Team 10 Calabasas, Kalifornië. residence. "Our client is aware of ...

Don’t make Paul Mitchell a political hero just yet

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Maandag, in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, retiring Michigan Rep. Paul Mitchell announced he was leaving the Republican Party. "This party has to stand up for democracy first, for our Constitution first, en ...

Charles Booker ‘strongly considering’ 2022 Senate bid against Rand Paul

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Former Kentucky state representative Charles Booker tweeted on Monday that he is "strongly considering" running for Senate in 2022 against Republican Sen. Rand Paul. Booker narrowly lost his progressive bid against ...

Sean Lennon hosting 80th birthday celebration for dad and chatting with Paul McCartney

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Sean Lennon is helping celebrate what would have been his father John Lennon's 80th birthday. The younger Lennon will interview his brother Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney and Elton John in a two-part documentary, BBC...

Kristin Smart case: Paul and Ruben Flores charged in student’s 1996 disappearance; family reacts

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"It has been 24, amper 25 years since Kristin went missing, 24 years without a resolution – until today," San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson said during a Tuesday afternoon news conference on the Californi...

YouTuber Jake Paul offers UFC fighter Conor McGregor $50 million to box him

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YouTuber Jake Paul is trying to capitalize on his initial success in the boxing ring by challenging former UFC champion Conor McGregor. Channeling his inner-McGregor in a profane, insulting rant posted on social med...

Bethenny Frankel is engaged to Paul Bernon

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Bethenny Frankel is engaged. "The Real Housewives of New York" star is set to wed Paul Bernon, an entrepreneur based in New York, volgens die tydskrif People. The couple has been on and off since 2018. She previ...

Ron Paul hospitalized after apparent medical episode, says he’s ‘doing fine

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Former Texas congressman Ron Paul was hospitalized earlier Friday after an apparent medical episode but is now "doing fine," according to a tweet posted to his Twitter account. Paul -- a well-known libertarian, drie ...

Kristin Smart case: No pleas entered for ‘prime suspect’ Paul Flores, father in first court appearance

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Paul Flores, whom investigators declared a "prime suspect" verlede maand, made his remote appearance in San Luis Obispo Superior Court wearing a suit and tie, while his 80-year-old father, Ruben Flores, appeared in an o...

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