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Will Ferrell turned down ‘Elfsequel and a hefty payday

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Will Ferrell revealed he said no to an "Elf" sequel and the hefty paycheck that came along with it. The funnyman told The Hollywood Reporter he would have made $ 29 million to play Buddy the Elf one more time. "IO...

Sly Stallone says McGregor should take the payday, box Jake Paul

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Boxing icon Sylvester Stallone thinks that the bout would be a profitable endeavor for McGregor, and gave the idea a thumbs up after being interviewed by TMZ Sports. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . "Are yo...

Dustin Poirier victory over Conor McGregor gives Floyd Mayweather Jr big payday

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Mayweather posted on Instagram he had won the bet he placed at Circa on the fight. He put $ 50,000 on Poirier to defeat McGregor and in the end, that’s exactly what was ruled. Mayweather won just over $ 35,700 on t...

Clay Travis on US Olympian turning back on flag: Athletes ‘looking for their Colin Kaepernick payday

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GWEN BERRY TURNS BACK TO US FLAG DURING NATIONAL ANTHEM AT OLYMPIC TRIALS, SAYS SHE WAS 'SET-UP' CLAY TRAVIS: Since when is winning a medal while representing your country and having the national anthem play a ‘setup...