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Knicks bench Elfrid Payton, leaving mom unhappy: ‘How that worked out for you!’

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Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau started Derrick Rose in place of Payton in the 105-94 pérdida. Payton did not see any floor time at all during the game. Payton started 63 games for the Knicks during the regular season and st...

Drew Brees set a ‘standardfor next Saints quarterback, Sean Payton says

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Quarterback Drew Brees, who spent 15 fuera de su 20 seasons in the NFL with New Orleans, retired at the end of last year as arguably the greatest player in franchise history. A five-time All-Pro and 13-time Pro Bowler...

Santos’ Sean Payton plans on announcing team’s starting quarterback by Saturday

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After future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees announced his retirement during the offseason, the Saints were left with Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill as the only two viable starters heading into the 2021 temporada. C...

Payton: Saints planning up to a month away from New Orleans

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While the Superdome appears to have been spared significant damage from Hurricane Ida, there are logistical challenges with staffing an NFL game there in the near future because of the widespread damage in the New Or...

Payton says some Saints offensive coaches COVID-19 positive

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Payton didn't identify by name any of those who had tested positive. But he later indicated that those missing from in-person preparations included an offensive line coach, a receivers coach, a running backs coach an...

Winston elogia a Payton mientras los asistentes de los Saints lidian con COVID

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Es el entrenador Sean Payton. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . "Pudimos experimentar uno de los mejores entrenadores en jefe de mente ofensiva en el juego uno a uno como una reunión de personal dirigiendo el equipo.," el veterano qua ...

Payton: Saints to spend Week 3 at TCU, then return home.

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The Saints have been displaced to the Dallas area since Aug. 28, when they flew on hastily arranged charter flights as Hurricane Ida approached Louisiana's coast as a powerful Category 4 Hurricane that ultimately inf...

Hall of Famer Payton looks to make mark as college coach

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"Coach, the other way," he orders Lester Conner on his right, adjusting him by the shoulders before looking to CJ Ashford on his left and commanding, "You turn this way." Payton even throws both hands up almost as if...