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Martha Stewart says coyotes killed 6 of her pet peacocks

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Stewart posted the update on Saturday on her Instagram account. She shared with 3.9 million followers that her birds were killed. Stewart shared a video of one of the peacocks, Blue Boy, showing off his feathers wi...

Shaheen Holloway returns to coach Seton Hall, Peacocks there as well

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The Pirates' career assists leader and star of the college coaching scene after taking Cinderella Saint Peter's to the Elite Eight, was the only person athletic director Bryan Felt considered after Kevin Willard left...

As Saint Peter’s readies for Sweet 16, sport psychologist reveals why fans are rooting for Peacocks

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The Peacocks, who came into the tournament as the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference tournament champions and the No. 15 seed in the tournament, upset Kentucky and Murray State on their way to the regional semifinal....

"Mac Gruber"’ non posso aggiustare cosa c'è che non va con il fuorviato "SNL" di Peacock’ rinascita

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Ricorda i vecchi tempi, quando "Saturday Night Live" gli schizzi continuavano a diventare film, con pochi colpi ("Il mondo di Wayne") e molte più mancate ("Una notte al Roxbury," "signore uomo," "è Pat," eccetera.)? Ora uno di quelli, "M ...

Shrieking peacocks roam the streets in LA County, damaging vehicles. Now officials want to ban residents from feeding them

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For over a century, these brightly colored birds have roamed the streets of Los Angeles County. But after reports of peacocks causing sleepless nights and damaged property, the Los Angeles County Board of Superviso...