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9 pedestrians hit in Los Angeles by driver claiming gun was pointed at him

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Nine people were injured in Los Angeles Saturday morning after being struck by a driver who claimed someone had pointed a gun at him, causing him to swerve, la policía dijo. Los Angeles Police Department officials told ...

2 people were killed and at least 19 injured when vehicles crashed into pedestrians in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Two people are dead and at least 19 others injured after a two-car crash struck multiple pedestrians in Lincoln, Nebraska, según las autoridades. At least one of the 19 injured is in critical condition while ...

Detroit elderly man shot while trying to apologize to pedestrians he almost hit with car

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The man was making a turn when he nearly hit the two pedestrians, and as the man rolled down his window to apologize, one of the people who he almost hit shot him at around 6:00 soy. on Wednesday morning, de acuerdo a...

A man died after getting attacked by bystanders when he drove his car onto a sidewalk in attempts to strike pedestrians

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A man died after driving onto a sidewalk in attempts to strike pedestrians before bystanders pulled him out of the car and allegedly attacked him in California Saturday. The driver was involved in a verbal altercati...

DC crime wave: Por lo menos 2 injured on busy street, sending pedestrians running for their lives

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The Washington D.C., Metropolitan Police Department told Fox News that a call came in around 8:20 pm. about a shooting on 14th Street, a busy street filled with restaurants and bars. Two males were hit but were "C...

1 persona muere después de que un camión atropellara a los peatones en un desfile del Orgullo de Florida

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Dos peatones en un desfile del Orgullo Gay cerca de Miami el sábado fueron atropellados por un camión, dejando uno muerto y el otro herido, según la policía. "Ambos hombres fueron llevados al Broward Health Medical Center., donde uno era pron ...

At least two dead and several injured in Germany after car hits pedestrians, la policía dice

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At least two people have been killed and several injured in Germany after a car was driven into a pedestrian zone in the town of Trier, according to the local police force. Police in the western German town said on ...