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Greg Gutfeld: Family is good, peers are bad, and school is a prison

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Dio: Nice red meat joke! Greg way to know your audience. Thanks God! But I figured lacking interaction with their peers would hurt their ability to communicate and cooperate. Plus they forget to bathe and floss, così ...

White House turns to young people for help convincing their peers to get vaccinated

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Washington Braxton Simpson made a joyous announcement to her 264 YouTube subscribers this spring. "Fully vaccinated!" Simpson said, drawing out the final word as she bounced with glee. "I wanted to take you guys alon...

Black service members in the Air Force are treated differently than their White peers, an investigation finds

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Black service members in the US Air Force face disparities in disciplinary action and career opportunities compared to their White peers, secondo un recente rapporto. The findings, released Monday, come from an ind...

Affluent White student-athletes are profiting from the labor of their poor Black peers, dice lo studio

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A new study of the economics of college sports found that affluent White students are profiting off the labor of poor Black students. The study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, published August 31, ana...