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Supreme Court case may determine winner of Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary

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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito agreed Tuesday to temporarily block a lower court decision that allows the counting of undated ballots in Pennsylvania in a case that could directly tip a judicial race and also im...

How a recount would be triggered in Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary

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Washington, DC Hours after Tuesday's primary, Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick are locked in a tight race for the GOP nomination for Pennsylvania's US Senate race, which could be key to determining control of the chamber...

I’m Kathy Barnette and here’s why I want Pennsylvania’s vote

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I grew up on a pig farm in Southern Alabama. My home had no insulation, no running water, an outhouse in the back, and a well on the side. When my grandmother asked me to help her in the garden, I didn’t realize at ...

I’m David McCormick and here’s why I want Pennsylvania’s vote

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American mothers can’t find baby formula on the shelves, but our government sends it for free to illegal immigrants pouring across our open border. Fentanyl is flooding into our communities, but instead of worrying ...

Pennsylvania’s school mask mandates remain for now after governor appeals court ruling striking the policy

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Gobernador de Pensilvania. Tom Wolf moved swiftly Wednesday in appealing a state court ruling that struck down the face mask requirement in schools, effectively keeping the mandate in place temporarily. Judge Christine Fizz...

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate race raises simmering divisions inside the party

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In the beginning stages of Pennsylvania's high stakes Democratic Senate primary, even the most progressive of candidates are downplaying the label. Senador republicano. Pat Toomey's decision to retire next year means tha...

White woman calls the wife of Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor the n-word while grocery shopping

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The wife of Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor alleges she was insulted with a racial slur while grocery shopping this week. Gisele Barreto Fetterman, who is married to Pennsylvania Lt. Gobernador. John Fetterman, told CNN...