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Pentagon-spox John Kirby sluit by Withuis se kommunikasiespan aan vir senior rol: Verslag

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Die Washington Post het Donderdag beweer dat Kirby op pad is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. vir 'n "senior" rol maar dat syne "presiese titel en rol bly onduidelik," per twee bronne met kennis van die skuif. Die Pos...

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby moving to the White House

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Pentagon spokesman John Kirby is soon moving to the White House, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN. While the details are still being finalized, Kirby is expected to take on a senior foreign policy commun...

Eerste op CNN: VSA agtergelaat $7 miljard van militêre toerusting in Afghanistan na 2021 ontrekking, Pentagon-verslag sê

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Washington Ongeveer $ 7 miljard militêre toerusting wat die VSA in die loop van aan die Afghaanse regering oorgedra het 16 jaar in Afghanistan agtergelaat nadat die VSA sy onttrekking aan die land voltooi het..

Ten spyte van Poetin se 'groot vertoning’ oor Mariupol-oorwinning, it’s still ‘contested’: Pentagon

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Kirby made the remarks to CNN after Putin waved off the Russian military assault in an apparent bid to free up his troops for the broader campaign in the east. Putin instead called for a blockade of the factory. Kir...

Pentagon official resigns, sounds alarm about US losing technological edge

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PENTAGON REACTS TO NORTH KOREA'S CLAIM IT LAUNCHED ‘TACTICAL GUIDED WEAPON’ Preston Dunlap, the chief architect for the Space Force, argued the military used to excel in areas like artificial intelligence on "Fox & am ...

Pentagon finally gets serious about helping Ukraine defeat Russia

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That’s an upgrade and about time. Based on the list of new weapons going to Ukraine, the Pentagon must see some serious Russian attacks coming. Klaarblyklik, somebody lit a fire under the Pentagon staff. Deliveries wi...

As war rages in Ukraine, Pentagon focused on climate change

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There’s a consistent record of elite fear that the masses are consuming the Earth. The predictions of pollution, famine, and death have all been proven wrong as humans are a net resource, not a liability due to ingen...

Top Russian officials not answering US calls, Pentagon sê

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Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told Fox News that the Biden administration has been trying different avenues to reach the Kremlin, but to no avail. NATO CALLS ON CHINA TO REFRAIN FROM SUPPORTING ‘RUSSIA’S WAR EF...

Russia ‘broadening’ target set after airstrike on western Ukrainian airbase near Poland border: Pentagon

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Kirby appeared on ABC's "Hierdie week" and addressed the latest Russian airstrike on a Ukrainian airbase located just 13 miles east of Ukraine’s border with Poland, a NATO member. Kirby said it was Russia’s third airstr...

Pentagon says Polish proposal to transfer jets to US to give to Ukraine isn’t ‘tenable

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The Pentagon on Tuesday evening dismissed Poland's proposal floated hours earlier to transfer its MiG-29 fighter jets to the United States for delivery to Ukraine. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said in a sta...

US investing in new weapons capabilities amid Russia’s invasion into Ukraine: Pentagon Press Secretary Kirby

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UKRAINIAN MOTHER ESCAPES TO POLAND WITH DAUGHTER AS HUSBAND RETURNS TO FIGHT RUSSIANS JOHN KIRBY: If you look at the budget that the president submitted last year you can see that we are actually investing in new tec...

Pentagon asks Supreme Court to block injunction allowing deployment of unvaccinated Navy SEALs

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The request follows a January ruling by a federal judge in Texas who temporarily blocked the Department of Defense from halting the deployment of SEALs who refuse to comply with the military’s COVID-19 vaccination ma...

Russia didn’t expect ‘stiff and determined resistance’ from Ukraine, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says

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Kirby’s comments came as the Russian military assault on Ukraine went into its fifth day. In Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, outgunned but determined troops have slowed Russia’s advance. Pentagon spokesman J...

Former Pentagon chief of staff rips Biden over US intel report: ‘It’s a colossal failure of leadership

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CHINA TAKES NOTICE OF BIDEN'S RESPONSE TO RUSSIA'S UKRAINE WAR, ANALYSTS SAY KASH PATEL: It’s a colossal failure of leadership, and it shows another distinction yet between the Biden administration and the Trump admi...

Russian invasion: Pentagon says not clear if ‘Putin has designs beyond the Ukraine

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One reporter asked Kirby if U.S. intelligence suggests Russian President Vladimir Putin would stop his advancement with Ukraine. Some European countries are anxious that the Russian president's campaign could continu...

Pentagon spox gives examples of what is on, off the table in Russia negotiations

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In 'n verskyning op "Fox News Sondag," Kirby said that the Biden administration has "made serious proposals about ways that we can change things we’re doing in Europe," in order to address concerns of Russian Preside...

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