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NBC reporter says ‘economic impact’ of ‘birthing people’ not being able to have abortions is ‘devastating’

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"What does it cost to have a baby? On your body, on your livelihood, and not just you, but your states in this country?" asked host Katy Tur while introducing the topic in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Ro...

Bill Maher says Dems could ‘loseabortion issue by using woke terms like ‘birthing peopleinstead of women

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During his monologue, Maher told viewers that abortion is a "difficult issue for the Democrats to lose, but they're trying." "수십 년간, liberals have said, 'If only men could get pregnant, this wouldn't even be an...

NPR mocked for tweet warning tampon shortage a problem for ‘people who menstruate

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In the tweet, NPR described "people who menstruate" as the ones searching for "feminine care." "Tampons, a necessity for many, are becoming harder and harder to find. People who menstruate are saying it's hard to fin...

Parents sound off on homeschooling misconceptions: ‘People think we just sit in our houses all day

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Yvonne Bunn, director of homeschool support and government affairs for the Home Educators Association of Virginia, often works with the General Assembly on protecting homeschool rights and "initiating good homeschool...

California crime surge: Former candidate rips far-left DAs Boudin, 개스콘, says ‘people are angry

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Republican Elizabeth Heng warned against San Francisco's Chesa Boudin and LA's George Gascon on "여우 & 친구 우선," arguing their handling of the state's crime is setting a dangerous precedent. Ches...

Terrell: Joe Biden ‘uses Black peoplein his ‘game of race division

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'다큐멘터리였다. "생명, 자유 & 번갯불," Terrell reflected on the mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket, allegedly committed by an 18-year-old Broome County man who had written a 180-page racist...

코미디언 Samantha Bee, Rov v에 대한 대법원 초안 의견 유출로 패소. 걸어 건너기: '사람들 … 죽을 것이다’

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그녀의 쇼 오프닝 독백에서, 임시방편으로 의견 초안이 유출된 이후 방영되지 않았던, 꿀벌은 화난 것처럼 보였고 잠재적인 결정을 폭로하면서 여러 욕설을 사용했습니다., 주장하는 ...

Rick Scott torches ‘incompetentBiden admin for baby formula shortages: All they do is ‘blame people

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BABY FORMULA SHORTAGE: FORMER FDA OFFICIAL RIPS BIDEN FOR ‘SMOKE AND MIRRORS’ RESPONSE SEN. 릭 스콧: If you look at their nominees, what have they accomplished? … Take energy. I need you to get energy prices down....

캘리포니아 교회 총격 용의자 '대만인 혐오' 동기,’ 당국은 말한다

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"이것은 정치적 동기가 있는 증오 사건이었습니다., 이 개인이 자신과 대만 커뮤니티 사이에 가지고 있던 불만," 오렌지 카운티 보안관 Don Barnes는 기자 회견에서 말했습니다.. "사전에...

New York police respond to ‘mass shootingat Buffalo grocery store, ‘multiple people’ 사격

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Multiple people have been struck by gunfire and the suspect is in custody, 경찰서에 따르면. The shooting happened at Tops Friendly Markets on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo. Buffalo Police r...

Ingraham: Lightfoot’s city ‘is bleeding people— literally and figuratively

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로라 잉 라함: Lori Lightfoot is one of the most repugnant and disgraceful people in elected office today. That a woman with such disregard for her own constituents serving as mayor of Chicago, one of our great Amer...

Liberal outlet flamed for using term ‘birthing peopleto describe expectant Black mothers: ‘Leftist nonsense

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"Black birthing people in D.C. made up 90% of recent birth-related deaths according to a new study, underscoring the severity of the city’s maternal health crisis," the DCist wrote in a Saturday tweet, linking to an ...

'빌리 키드' 스타 톰 블라이스, 서부극으로 할리우드 복귀: '사람들은 또 그것을 갈망한다'

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영국 태생, 뉴욕에 기반을 둔 배우가 새로운 EPIX 시리즈의 전설적인 무법자 역할을 맡습니다. "빌리 키드." 27 세, 미국 서부극을 보고 자란 사람, 탐구하고 싶다고 말했다..

Tom Homan blasts Biden’s ‘inhumane’ 왕실을 대신하여 금지된 그의 인스타그램 게시물 시리즈를 공유했습니다.: They are ‘killing people

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마크 티센: YOU KNOW IT'S 'POLITICAL CHAOS' WHEN DEMS ARE CALLING FOR A BORDER WALL TOM HOMAN: Where is the outrage over the record number of migrants that have died under the Biden administration? More migrants h...

MSNBC writer claims ‘White people’ cheered travel mask ruling because they don’t care about ‘Black deaths’

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Jones began his blog by commenting on the "[object Window], over-the-top celebrations" people had on planes over the end of the mandate and remarked, "There's also been a notable silence about what's likely behind the ruling...

Hegseth celebrates end to travel mask mandate: ‘Victory for the American people

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피트 헤게스: After two years of wearing masks on airplanes, inside Ubers and on trains and buses, we can finally take them off and we can throw them in the garbage or burn them in the fire pit, as my family did a fe...

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