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Gooey mozzarella and poblano pepper fried chicken: Try the recipe

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"This dish is originally loosely based off of chicken cordon bleu, but with a Southern twist," executive chef John Zucker of Cru Café in Charleston, Suid Carolina, tells Fox News. "The roasted pepper and the warm, ...

Bubba Wallace’s Dr. Pepper car will have his giant face on it at NASCAR’s Road America race

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The 23XI Racing driver will be behind the wheel of a Dr. Pepper-sponsored Toyota Camry with a giant photo of him drinking a can of the soda among a field of pixelated hearts. The unusual livery was chosen by fans in ...

Family of inmate who died after being pepper sprayed in Brooklyn federal prison sues

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The mother of a 35-year-old Black man who died last year after being pepper sprayed in a federal prison in Brooklyn is suing the government and unnamed correctional officers for wrongful death, according to court do...

DA vows to pursue charges after case dismissed against former Philadelphia police officer who used pepper spray on protesters

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A former Philadelphia police officer seen on video using pepper spray on Black Lives Matter protesters had his charges dismissed Monday, volgens hofstukke. Municipal Court Judge William Austin Meehan Jr....

Portland police disperse crowd with pepper spray following fatal officer-involved shooting

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Polisie in Portland, Oregon, say they used pepper spray and smoke canisters to break up a crowd that gathered on Friday as they investigated the fatal shooting of a suspect by police in Lents Park. A suspect who has ...

'N 9-jarige meisie is geboei en peper gespuit deur polisiebeamptes in Rochester in reaksie op 'n oproep van' gesinsprobleme '’

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'N 9-jarige meisie is geboei en peper gespuit deur polisiebeamptes in reaksie op 'n berig van "gesinsprobleme" in Rochester, New York, op Woensdag, volgens die adjunk-polisiehoof van Rochester, Andre Anderson. Twee ...

Die polisie het pepersproei gebruik om 'n optog in Noord-Carolina na 'n stemlokaal op te breek

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Wetstoepassers het Saterdag pepersproei gebruik om 'n optog na 'n stemlokaal in Graham op te breek, Noord-Carolina. Luidens 'n verklaring van die Graham-polisiekantoor, beamptes peper die grond bespuit ...