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Biden dring daarop aan dat die Kongres 'ver van perfekte' Manchin-ooreenkoms aanvaar: 'Sit politiek opsy, kry dit gedoen'

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Sy. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., het Woensdag aangekondig dat hy 'n ooreenkoms met Chuck Schumer, leier van die Senaat se meerderheid, bereik het, D-N.Y., op die rekonsiliasiewetsontwerp, na meer as 'n jaar van onderhandelinge onder Demokrate. Verlang na jou ...

Clayton Kershaw takes perfect game into 8th, helps Dodgers win: ‘I really wanted to do it

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The Dodgers won the game 9-1, but even Kershaw admitted that, through the first 21 batters, he thought he might accomplish perfection. Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw throws to the plat...

Selfies without sense: People keep risking their lives for the ‘perfect’ foto

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The tourist reportedly dropped his phone while attempting to take a selfie. The young man then climbed down several yards into the crater to retrieve it — losing his balance and falling deeper into the crater, akkoord ...

Pompeo on Abe: ‘He was the perfect partner for the United States

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In an interview with Fox News Digital, Pompeo called Abe "the perfect partner for the United States." Pompeo had known Abe since Pompeo's time in Congress and told Fox News Digital, "It's both heartbreaking and dange...

Mike Pompeo: ‘No perfect planto push back against China

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TRACE GALLAGHER: Was he right? When you see what's happening with China now? Was he right, meneer? PENTAGON OFFICIAL WARNS THAT CHINA IS ACQUIRING NEW WEAPONS FIVE TIMES FASTER THAN US MIKE POMPEO: O, 1,000%. In werklikheid,...

Tom Brady thinks the Ford F-150 Raptor is the perfect car, but likes EVs. Hier is hoekom

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The seven-time Super Bowl champion's fleet has included models from Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Bugatti. He even collaborated with Aston Martin on a run of 12 Vanquish S coupes that he helped specify when he was a brand...

Juneteenth: A perfect day to cheer Black success

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That joyous day arrived on June 19, 1865. Having vanquished the Confederacy that April, victorious Union Army soldiers arrived at Galveston, Texas. They encountered that final group of slaves who had yet to learn tha...

Amber Heard says she still loves Johnny Depp and knows she’s not ‘a perfect victim

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Amber Heard is afraid of potentially being sued again by her ex-husband Johnny Depp - even as she admits to still loving him. That was revealed in the second portion of Heard's exclusive interview with NBC News' Sav...

‘Bachelorette’ alum JoJo Fletcher details ‘perfect’ wedding to Jordan Rodgers: ‘Exactly what we wanted’

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The pair isn't following the traditional path of former "Bachelor" couples — and have since set their sights on home renovations. Plus, Fletcher spoke with Fox News Digital about the work they've put in to protecting...

Opinie: New Jersey is the perfect state to lead off Democratic primary voting in 2024. And that’s no joke

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Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is the host of SiriusXM radio's daily program "The Dean Obeidallah Show" and a columnist for The Daily Beast. Follow him @DeanObeidallah. The opinions expressed in this commentary ...

Jimmy Kimmel’s history of partisan rhetoric made him perfect host for Biden interview, says comedians

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The president has gone over 100 days without any mainstream media interviews, successfully dodging questions as multiple crisis, including rising gas prices, inflasie, and mass shootings, have shaken the nation. Bid...

Police from across US discuss ‘perfect stormof issues facing cities over past 2 jare

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A diverse group of police chiefs from major U.S. cities met at the 2022 Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)/ Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) Annual Conference in San Francisco and pointed to four main issue...

Barcelona Femení seal an unprecedented 30-0 perfect season

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Die aantal 30 is a semiperfect number -- one that is equal to the sum of some, maar nie almal nie, of its factors. For Barcelona Femení, egter, 30 proved to be a perfect number as it made history on Sunday with a 2-1 wi ...

‘PerfectKevin De Bruyne scores four as Manchester City move to brink of title

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Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne produced a scintillating performance to score four in his side's emphatic 5-1 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers on Wednesday. The victory takes City three points ahead of title r...

Perfect Chris Paul, top-seeded Suns finish off Pelicans in Game 6

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Short of a title, perfection, egter, might be hard to beat. Paul was 14 vir 14 — the most field goals without a miss in an NBA playoff game — in the Phoenix Suns' 115-109, series-ending victory over the New Orleans...

Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden

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Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden, Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden, Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden, Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden 13 Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden. Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden.

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