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Donald Trump Jr.. put a perfect exclamation point on his father’s bungling of Covid-19

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Appearing on Laura Ingraham's Fox News show Thursday night, Donald Trump Jr.. was asked about Dr. Sanjay Gupta's recommendation that anyone who attends a campaign rally for the President self-quarantine for two weeks...

‘Sielsgenote’ paints a future where science can identify your perfect match

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"Sielsgenote" is an especially savvy concept, and among the best anthology series to come along in a while amid a flurry of mostly mediocre ones. At its core is the idea of better living through science -- what would ...

A perfect example of the difficulties of NFL short weeks

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It's difficult enough to prepare for a Sunday game when you have key injuries, particularly at quarterback. And when both teams are uncertain about their quarterback situation, wel, it doesn't make for the best bran...

Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson-in-law Mike Tindall says Prince Philip’s ‘no fuss’ funeral was ‘perfect

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The Duke of Edinburgh passed away on April 9 op ouderdom 99. He was laid to rest on Saturday. "It’s been a difficult 10 dae," Zara Tindall’s husband admitted on "Die goeie, The Bad & The Rugby" podcast on Tuesday. "Ek ...

Die perfekte simbool van die Trump-jare

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David Gergen was 'n Withuis-adviseur vir vier presidente van albei partye en is 'n senior politieke ontleder by CNN. 'N Gegradueerde van Harvard Law School, hy is 'n professor in staatsdiens aan die Harvard Kennedy Sc..

Debra Messing announces positive COVID test: ‘The perfect end to 2021

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Op Donderdag, die "Sal & Genade" alum took to Instagram to announce that she's tested positive for coronavirus. Alongside her revelation, the 53-year-old actress shared a photo of herself lying in bed, wearing a b...

Ariana Grande’s improvised lyrics in ‘Don’t Look Upare perfect for 2022

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Ariana Grande improvised part of her singing performance in "Moenie opkyk nie," director Adam McKay reveals. The plot of the movie revolves around two astronomers who try to warn humanity about an approaching comet th...

North Texas softball’s Hope Trautwein strikes out each batter in historic perfect game

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The Mean Green softball star struck out each batter she saw in the team’s seven-inning win over Arkansas Pine-Bluff on Sunday. It was the first perfect game in school history and is believed to be the first perfect s...

Jesse Watters roasts Pelosi for calling Biden ‘perfectamid multiple crises: ‘only in politics

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"Our country could not be better served than with [Biden s'n]… experienced and capable hands ... He's just perfect, the timing couldn't be better," Pelosi said at a Democratic National Committee holiday party Tuesday. ...

Juneteenth is ‘perfect answerto Critical Race Theory: Heritage Foundation president

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"Juneteenth is a perfect answer to those who are promoting Critical Race Theory," Kay C. James, president of the Heritage Foundation, said in an interview with Fox News. "Juneteenth says, geen, we do not need to destro...

Kentucky’s JJ Weaver goes viral for picture with 6-fingered hand, ex-Yankees pitcher has perfect reaction

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The picture showed Weaver and the six fingers he has on his right hand. Weaver is in his third season with the Wildcats and through six games he has 17 total tackles and four sacks. He’s been a key member of the Kent...

‘Nine Perfect Strangersstar Nicole Kidman says she stayed in character for five months

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The Emmy- and Oscar-award-winning actress, 54, told reporters during a Television Association Critics panel last week that while shooting the Hulu drama she didn't break her accent. Kidman plays a mysterious Russian ...

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ star Nicole Kidman says husband Keith Urban won’t join her on wellness retreats

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Speaking about the series on "Goeie more Amerika" Woensdag, Kidman discussed her character in the series, which premiered on Tuesday. Kidman plays an eccentric guru named Masha, who runs a retreat called Tranquill...

This Bloody Mary with potato chip breadcrumbs is the perfect way to toast the new year

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Out of the many mysteries in the world, one that has us perpetually stumped is why the Bloody Mary is often relegated to brunch-time-only fare. Whatever time of day you sip yours, this National Bloody Mary Day on Jan...

Illinois man puts dad’s ashes into ball, bowls perfect game

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His son changed that last week when he scored a perfect 300 using a bowling ball with John Hinkle Sr.’s ashes inside. "I had tears in my eyes trying to throw the last two balls of that game," John Jr., 38, of Peoria,...

McKenzie loses perfect game in 8th, Indians beat Tigers 11-0

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"It was a pretty good fastball, but I didn't get it past him," McKenize said. "So it wasn't good enough." KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . The 24-year-old stunned the Comerica Park crowd of 25,684 hoping to...

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