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'Bailando con las estrellas’ contestant JoJo Siwa shares she’s been dealing with ‘extremepersonal experience

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Siwa, 18, opened up about dancing being an "escapar" for her while talking to reporters following Tuesday night's performance. "Everyone always says dance is an escape," Siwa said, according to Us Weekly, before addin...

"Ojos en el premio": Dos activistas dejaron de lado las amenazas personales para luchar contra las nuevas restricciones al voto

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Esta semana, Los activistas del derecho al voto Cliff Albright y LaTosha Brown abordarán un autobús de 53 pies y comenzarán un recorrido por el sur.. Su tarea: Reúna el apoyo público a la legislación federal para combatir la serie de nuevos s ...

‘Introducing, Selma Blairturns her MS diagnosis into a deeply personal documentary

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Coming not long after the splendid Val Kilmer documentary, "Introduciendo, Selma Blair" provides more deeply personal access to an actor in the throes of a health crisis, following her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in ...

La estrella de "General Hospital" Steve Burton confirma el despido por mandato de vacunas: Se trata "de la libertad personal’

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"Quería que lo escucharas de mí personalmente.," dijo en Instagram, antes de explicar su postura sobre el tema en su conjunto. "Desafortunadamente, El "Hospital General" me dejó ir debido al mandato de la vacuna.. Apliqué f ...

Aaron Rodgers sticks up for unvaxxed teammates, ‘it’s a personal decision’

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Now back in practice and re-establishing chemistry with teammates, Rodgers is keeping his focus on the football field and staying out of extracurricular topics like vaccination status. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS CALA DEPORTIVA..

Actress Rose McGowan shakes Democrats for being in ‘deep cult’: Your personal freedom is ‘being controlled’

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"I am not here to make people feel bad about their political choices," she told host Tammy Bruce. "But I am here to say that you might be in a cult too if you don’t know the signs. And I do believe Democrats, most es...

Becerra expected to face heat over lack of experience but stress his personal and professional history at confirmation hearing

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President Joe Biden's nominee for the nation's top health position Xavier Becerra will stress his upbringing as a son of a Mexican immigrant, his father's recent passing and his history expanding health care access ...

Biden uses his long history with Amtrak to put a personal touch on infrastructure push

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President Joe Biden on Friday pitched his infrastructure proposal's investments in American railroads from a venue that no doubt felt very familiar to him: an Amtrak platform in Philadelphia. Speaking from the 30th...

Bolsonaro pide el "compromiso personal de Biden"’ para luchar contra la deforestación del Amazonas

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Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has called for Joe Biden's "compromiso personal" in fighting deforestation in the Amazon rain forest, in a letter sent to the US President on Wednesday. In the letter, Bolsonaro sa...

Clive Sinclair, an inventor who helped popularize personal computers, muere en 81

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Before computers were a staple of workplaces, escuelas, libraries and many homes, they were bulky, expensive and a luxury many couldn't afford. Enter Clive Sinclair. The British inventor's first personal computer, t ...

Cori Bush shares personal story of sexual assault as a teenager and decision to have an abortion

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Reps. Cori Bush on Thursday shared her personal experience of how she was raped as a teenager, became pregnant and chose to get an abortion. It was one of the first times that Bush, a Missouri Democrat, has spoken pu...

Courtney Stodden seemingly takes a swipe at Chrissy Teigen as she praises Jason Biggs‘personal apology

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En marzo, Stodden, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, claimed that Teigen, 35, had previously bullied them on Twitter and even suggested they commit suicide. The allegations eventually exploded as more an...

Cuomo uses vaccine presser to cite year from ‘hellover personal scandals

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During the event Cuomo encouraged New Yorkers to get vaccinated as eligibility expanded to residents aged 16 y más. He also detailed his personal torment over some of the tough choices he faced over the past year...

David Hasselhoff is auctioning off his personal K.I.T.T. car from the iconic ‘Knight Rider’ serie

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David Hasselhoff is auctioning off his personal K.I.T.T. coche, a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am styled after the iconic car used in his 1980s television series "Knight Rider." The vehicle is similar to the K.I.T.T. car us...

David Horowitz slams Biden’s ‘monstrous lieon White supremacy: Shifting blame to US for ‘personal atonement

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Horowitz, as host Tucker Carlson noted, grew up the child of two Communist Party members from Long Island City, N.Y., and began his political life as a member of the "New Left" progressive movement – but later reject...

Derek Chauvin’s personal history: About his ex-wife, stepchildren, past discipline and more

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Su ex esposa, Kellie May Xiong Chauvin, who was crowned Mrs. Minnesota in 2019, legally separated from Chauvin on May 28, 2020 – just three days after a viral bystander video showed her husband in police uniform press...

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