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Olivia O’Brien says she dated Pete Davidson

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Olivia O'Brien says you can add her to the list of women Pete Davidson has dated. Gedurende die "BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry" podcast that started streaming Wednesday, Portnoy surprise...

Pete Hegseth vows to send back Harvard University degree, writes ‘return to senderon diploma

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In Hegseth's book "American Crusade," he wrote a blunt message to Americans: "Stop supporting your alma matter!" "Stop now. Stop sending your money. And stop sending your kids. This is a start, but crusading means ta...

Tucker Carlson: Pete Buttigieg is a disgrace and should resign

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So, your first concern would be the price of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is what makes transportation possible in this country. Virtually everything you buy in America arrived by diesel engine. Our entire trucking fleet...

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson pack on the PDA on Instagram

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Die "Skims" stigter, 41, took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday night to post a series of videos with her boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28. In the first video, Kardashian and the "Saturday Night Live" alum used a devil-...

‘SNL’ says goodbye to Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson

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New York (CNN Besigheid)"Saturday Night Live" closed out its 47th season by saying goodbye to two of its most beloved cast members. On Saturday night's episode, the NBC variety show bid adieu to Kate McKinnon and Pete...

Pete Davidson and more cast members leaving ‘SNLafter eight seasons: verslag doen

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SO-LONG 30 ROCK- Pete Davidson and more cast members are leaving 'SNL' after eight seasons: verslag doen. Continue reading… ‘I’M STILL STANDING’- Suzanne Somers says ThighMaster saved her after being fired. Continue readin...

Watters rips Buttigieg’s blame-shifting: ‘Mayor Pete can’t get baby formula in Joe Biden’s America

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In an interview over the weekend, Buttigieg claimed the administration "acted from day one" after an Abbott Labs recall over tainted formula. The Illinois-based pharmaceutical giant has a large market share in the in...

Pete Davidson addresses Kanye West in new stand-up

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Die komediant, 28, addressed his ongoing conflict with Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband in a standup show titled "Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends" which was filmed in April. The special is being featured in...

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson attend 2022 White House Correspondents’ Dinner together

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Op Saterdag, the couple turned heads as they attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner together in Washington, D.C. Die "Saturday Night Live" comic was the reality TV star’s plus-one at the annual gala, which c...

Seahawks’ Pete Carroll 'regtig gelukkig’ met QB's op rooster al het hy nie een in konsep geneem nie

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Dit het gelyk of Seattle in 'n uitstekende posisie was om 'n agterspeler in die te kies 2022 NFL-konsep, veral met hul dieptekaart wat uit Geno Smith bestaan, Drew Lock, en Jacob Eason. Maar hulle het gekies om 'n sein-oproep deur te gee..

Pete Davidson to star in new comedy series ‘Bupkis

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Pete Davidson is getting a new series on Peacock. The streaming service announced Wednesday the comedy series "Bupkis," which is written, starring and executive produced by Davidson, was acquired in a highly compet...

MLB legend Pete Rose on sports betting: ‘I came along at the wrong time

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OutKick 360’s Chad Withrow asked Rose what he thought of the stark contrast in the attitude toward sports betting now and during his time in baseball. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Pete Rose #14 van...

Washington Post writer drops Kamala Harris behind Pete Buttigieg in ranking of possible 2024 kandidate

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Harris, writer Aaron Blake wrote, was previously the top-ranked alternative to Biden if he didn't run, but he dropped her a spot because she had failed to put her role to "good use" and consistently faltered in deliv...

Pete Buttigieg claims ‘no quick fixto high gas prices, avoids mentioning Biden canceling Keystone pipeline

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Intussen, Buttigieg failed to mention President Biden's cancellation of the planned Keystone XL pipeline. "There’s always a lot of politics around gas prices. We’re focused on what’s actually going to bring the reli...

Inside Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s swanky romance

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In mid-March, the SKIMS mogul sent her followers into a frenzy when she made her romance with Davidson Instagram official, sharing two personal photos with the "Saturday Night Live" ster. One photo showed Davidson ly...

Jon Stewart says Pete Davidson is ‘doing as best he can’ amid Kanye West drama: ‘I just love that kid’

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On Tuesday’s episode of SiriusXM’s "Die Howard Stern Show", the 59-year-old comedian dived into his friendship with the "Saturday Night Live" star after Stern brought up the drama between Davidson, his girlfriend Kim...

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