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Philadelphia kidnapping suspect killed during FBI investigation in New Jersey, victim found safe

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The FBI told Fox News that agents from the Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia field offices were investigating the kidnapping in Leonia, N.J., just west of New York City, when they confronted the suspect. The unidentifi...

Philadelphia man accused of raping and stalking multiple women arrested

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Kevin Bennett, 28, was taken into custody around 1:50 nm. and is currently being held by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, arrest records show. The first rape occurred on May 16 by 5:00 vm., when Bennet allegedl...

Philadelphia has dimmed its skyline after a ‘mass collisionkilled thousands of migrating birds

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Nearly twenty buildings in Philadelphia are dimming their lights this spring after thousands of birds perished in the city's largest mass collision in recent history. The voluntary measure has been coordinated by "B..

DA vows to pursue charges after case dismissed against former Philadelphia police officer who used pepper spray on protesters

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A former Philadelphia police officer seen on video using pepper spray on Black Lives Matter protesters had his charges dismissed Monday, volgens hofstukke. Municipal Court Judge William Austin Meehan Jr....

Philadelphia health commissioner resigns after mayor learns he cremated and disposed of 1985 MOVE bombing victims’ bly oor

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Philadelphia's city health commissioner is resigning after news he cremated and disposed of some of the remains of the 1985 MOVE bombing victims, the mayor announced Thursday. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said Dr. ...

Philadelphia Phillies game features Rick Astley singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’

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The 55-year-old pop star made a virtual appearance at the baseball team’s Thursday game against the Milwaukee Brewers and sang a tune for the crowd – "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." A video of Astley was played on th...

Philadelphia police union hands out Mister Softee ice cream outside DA’s office to show he’s ‘soft on crime’

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The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 5 pulled up Friday to the office of Larry Krasner in a Mister Softee truck and handed out soft-serve ice cream while encouraging people to vote for Carlos Vega, his challenger ...

UPenn, Princeton apologize after remains from 1985 Philadelphia bombing were used without families’ kennis

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The MOVE bombing, conducted by city police, killed six adults and five children linked to a Black anarcho-primitivist militant group. And it sparked an inferno that incinerated more than 60 nearby homes. The remains ...

Philadelphia pregnant mother murder suspect ‘armed and dangerous,’ bly op vrye voet, FBI says

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Police discovered Dianna Brice’s body in Southwest Philadelphia on April 5, about a mile away from where they’d found boyfriend Justin Smith’s car abandoned and burning a week earlier. She had been shot multiple time...

Philadelphia ‘not safewith DA Krasner in office: Police union president

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McNesby added Krasner should be ousted amid an increase in crime in the city with criminals facing "no repercussions." He said officers have been switching parties from Republican to Democrat to oust the liberal DA. ...

Pennsylvania missing pregnant woman found dead in Southwest Philadelphia

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Dianna Brice, 21, was last seen leaving a Lansdowne laundromat with her 23-year-old boyfriend, Justin Smith, rondom 1 nm. op Maart 30, according to the Upper Darby Police Department. She was more than four months pr...

Philadelphia police arrest suspects in ATM explosions and robberies

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ASIAN WOMAN STABBED TO DEATH IN 'RANDOM' ATTACK IN CALIFORNIA According to WTXF, the Fox-owned TV in Philadelphia the alleged crew used bombs to blow open the machines and a sledgehammer to shatter open the cash box...

Philadelphia 76ersDanny Green surprises 94-year-old fan with a signed jersey

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Philadelphia 76ers' shooting guard Danny Green surprised a 94-year-old fan with a signed jersey after seeing a tweet from the fan's granddaughter that went viral. After learning that her grandmother had spent the ...

The family of a Philadelphia man is suing two police officers who fatally shot him last year

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The family of Walter Wallace Jr. is suing two police officers who fatally shot him in West Philadelphia last year. Wallace, a 27-year-old Black man, was shot and killed by police while holding a knife on October 26...

11 mense is per boot gered ná 'n waterleiding in Philadelphia

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Elf mense is per boot in Noord-Philadelphia gered nadat 'n groot onderbreking in die waterleiding kort daarna plaasgevind het 4:30 nm. op Dinsdag, volgens amptenare in Philadelphia. Die oorsaak van die onderbreking in die 48 duim hoof is:.

Philadelphia verbreek bande met die Covid-19-toets- en entstoforganisasie nadat hulle 'vertroue daarin verloor het’

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Die stad Philadelphia het die bande met 'n Covid-19-entstofverskaffer gesny, sê dit verloor "vertroue in hulle as organisasie," ná 'n rits omstrede bewegings deur die groep en sy 22-jarige uitvoerende hoof, wat Donderdag toegelaat het ...

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