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How to help survivors of devastating Typhoon Rai as the Philippines struggle to recover

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The Philippines are struggling to recover after Super Typhoon Rai devastated the islands last week. The storm left a death toll exceeding 300 gente. Those on the ground believe the actual number is higher than has ...

PhilippinesTyphoon Rai death toll rises further as areas remain cut off from help

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The death toll from the strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines this year surpassed 300 on Tuesday as humanitarian agencies warned the true scale of destruction remains unknown, partly because rescue workers are un...

PhilippinesDuterte quits senate race in new election twist

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Manila, PhilippinesPhilippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday withdrew his bid to become a senator, the same day his preferred successor quit the presidential race, adding to uncertainty about the mercurial lead...

La armada de Filipinas completa la misión de reabastecimiento tras el bloqueo chino

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Manila, Filipinas Los buques de la Marina de Filipinas completaron con éxito una misión de reabastecimiento el martes en un puesto avanzado del Mar de China Meridional, su ministro de defensa dijo, un día después de que su presidente reprendiera a China en un evento internacional..

PhilippinesDuterte says cocaine user among presidential election candidates

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Manila, PhilippinesPhilippine leader Rodrigo Duterte declared on Thursday in a televised speech that an unnamed candidate for next year's presidential election was a cocaine user. Duterte, who waged a war on drugs th...

Philippines accuses Chinese Coast Guard of firing water cannons on its supply boats

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Manila, PhilippinesThe Philippines condemned "in strongest terms" the actions of three Chinese Coast Guard vessels which blocked and used water cannons on two Manila supply boats on their way to a Philippine-occupied...

Philippines rights body’s drug war probe bolsters police abuse allegations

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An investigation by the Philippines' rights commission into the killings in President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has found that dozens of people were shot in the head, chest and abdomen, suggesting an intent to k...

Netflix removes spy drama episodes after Philippinescomplaint over China map

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Netflix Inc has removed two episodes of spy drama "Pine Gap" from its streaming service in the Philippines, after the Southeast Asian country rejected scenes involving a map used by China to assert its claims to the ...

Philippines rights groups decry presidential bid of late dictator’s son

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Philippines human rights groups staged protests on Wednesday to denounce an attempt by the son and namesake of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos to return his family to power by vying for the presidency. Marcos, accompa...

Ferdinand ‘BongbongMarcos, son of late dictator, announces Philippines presidential bid

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The only son of late Philippines' dictator Ferdinand Marcos said on Tuesday he will stand for President next year, becoming the fourth candidate to announce their intention to succeed 76-year-old incumbent Rodrigo D...

Philippines says it will investigate more than 150 police officers over Duterte’s deadly drugs war

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Manila, PhilippinesAn initial investigation by the Philippine government has found 154 police officers could be criminally liable over their conduct in President Rodrigo Duterte's bloody war on drugs, in a rare admis...

Philippines refuses to work with ICC ‘war on drugs’ Investigacion

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The government of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said it will not cooperate with an International Criminal Court (ICC) probe into his notorious war on drugs, or allow any investigators into the cou...

Corte internacional respalda investigación en Filipinas’ 'Guerra contra las drogas’

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Jueces de la Corte Penal Internacional (ICC) El miércoles aprobó una investigación formal sobre posibles crímenes de lesa humanidad presuntamente cometidos bajo el mandato del presidente filipino Rodrigo Duterte durante su "guerra contra el dr ...

PhilippinesDuterte raises rivalssuspicions by seeking vice presidency in 2022

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced on Tuesday he will run for the vice presidency in next year's elections, confirming an earlier announcement by the country's ruling political party that was criticized b...

New clue to human evolution’s biggest mystery emerges in Philippines

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The only definitive fossil evidence that points to the existence of Denisovans -- an enigmatic group of early humans first identified in 2010 -- comes from five bones from the Denisova cave in the foothills of Siber...

Philippines renews key military agreement with the United States

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Hong Kong The Philippines is restoring a military agreement with the United States that makes it easier for US forces to move in and out the country and signals to China a renewed commitment to the 70-year-old US-Phi...

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